Aion: Fallen Angel

Fallen_Angel_by_DiegoUnspireIt’s been a running joke/competition in our Casualties of War ventrillo community to see how many players would be logged on to vent between the Fallen Earth clan and the Aion guild.  There were a few days where the Aion crew would outmug us, especially last month, but lately the FE team giggles a bit to see just one or two lone souls holding down the Aion fort while we continue to grow in numbers.  It’s clear to us, at least, that Aion is having difficulty holding onto players.

Okay, I promised way back when that I’d let my growing antagonism toward Aion drop, mostly because there really wasn’t a reason for it other than a kneejerk reflex against something everyone was crowing about being awesome, even when I could clearly see it as the emperor parading down main street in the buff.  At least he was rendered beautifully and with a great framerate. Polished more of the same is, guess what?  More of the same.  It’s not destined for anything greater than what preceded it.

So I’m not here to pile on Aion’s faults (feel free to head over to Screaming Monkey if you want that, or to Massively to read Snafzg’s balanced analysis), but just to note that we’ve gotten past the one month honeymoon period, and it seems excitement and die-hard affection toward this game has just about dropped to nil.  We’ve seen it happen before, and it will again, and Aion isn’t even the only September customer to be abandoned by a large core of its verbal supporters — Champions is also headed toward mediocrity, if posts concerning it are any indication.  Both games will survive and even thrive, as content is added and bugs fixed, but they aren’t the revolution — or even long-lasting diversions — that some hoped.

15 thoughts on “Aion: Fallen Angel

  1. “Both games will survive and even thrive, as content is added and bugs fixed, but they aren’t the revolution — or even long-lasting diversions — that some hoped.”

    succinctly said. now if I can just get people to try FE I wouldn’t be running around clanless.

  2. I wasn’t very nice. 🙂

    Funny part is I still think Aion can be a great game, for the right people. I mean if you like the older style of MMO a la Everquest, DaoC it’s probaply one of the best game around you can get.

    I mean I’m still unsure wether I’ll get back to Aion or if I’ll try FE when my computer is repaired.

    But it sucks to see a game with good potential going down like that. But yeah , you made me realize I need to write a post with the nicer points of Aion.

  3. Aion is a good game, they just need to reduce the ludicrous grind @_@. FE is also a good game, but I wouldn’t say it will be the “revolutionary of the MMO market” either.

  4. I agree with most of the comments already listed. I think Aion is a fine game, it might not be revolutionary but I enjoy playing it because it feels closer to vanilla EQ/DAoC.

    I love the PvP but unfortunately you have to do quite a bit of PvE before you even get to that point. I think that is what is killing the game for many pvp junkies. They should have implemented a system where you could jump right into PvP after “ascending” (i.e. reaching lvl 10).

  5. Just a wave to say I enjoy your blog…read it as often as time allows.

    I can’t say I agree on the Aion thing. It’s still super crowded on my server and I’m still having fun there. Does it have faults? Sure it does. It’s still a good game for all that. It might not be for everyone, but I tend to agree with Ionomonkey in that it is reminiscent of EQ and DAoC in some ways. But that’s why I like it.

    By the way, we are/were guildies before my husband and I stopped playing Warhammer. It’s been said “Once a Glaston always a Glaston”. Stop by and say hello once in a while. Of course, I seem to be the only Glaston playing Aion.


  6. Almost all of the failings of Aion could be seen on forums before it’s release. I still bought it knowing full well I would be tired of it withing the first month, a month isn’t too bad for one game.

    I hear great things about FE but every time I try to start playing the trial I barely get past the character creation, the models are just that bad. I know it speaks more about me than the game but I just can’t make myself play if I absolutely hate how my character looks like.

  7. Add me to the list of those that are moving away frm Aion…I mean its a nice game but after a month or so it just doesnt capture my attention.

  8. The lack of guild mates, could be what is prompting them to head out. The game really requires teamwork, or atleast a solid party of friends to keep going past 30. If you don’t have that you can only really do grinds/solo quests. Post 40s the majority of the quests you receive are group, and solo repeatables. We started out with around 90 guild members, and its dipping down to about 70 or so now. But its not the 50% unsub rate that we’ve seen in Warhammer. I think it’ll last for a while yet. Or atleast I hope it does. I’m still enjoying the game quit a bit.

  9. I agree with others who have said that this game reminds them of the original EQ. Like them, it’s one of the reasons I like it like I do.

    I disagree with Streaker, I don’t think putting in an instant PvP option would have been a good idea only because that’s one of the reasons I think WarHammer failed. Everyone wanted to do instanced PvP and the rest of the game went un-explored. It was fun for about a month or two. Hopefully AION has a better future in store for it.

  10. -Mojeaux Aion has instanced pvp, and it starts at level 45 I think. It only happens during scheduled prime time hours though, and it seems like its worth alot of abyss points.

  11. In the 40s now and it really feels like hard work. Guildies and i grouping up and comments like “This feels like DAOC” etc when we set up camps killing elite mobs. I honestly expect many of our low 30s to leave before 40.

    I think the mass market bought Aion but its just not a mass market game.
    People who played EQ and DAOC and just killed monsters all day understand that sort of playstyle but those games didnt appeal to everyone and thats one of the reasons the MMO market was relativly small in those days.

    Ill be sticking Aion out but its hard going. Admitably i also feel good when i complete a task i set myself. I havent felt that sense of achievment over such “trivial” things for a long time.

  12. Hi….i would like to ask you about that pic…..can you tell me where you got it from??
    I would like to use it for my book cover….can you help me out???

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