3 thoughts on “Fallen Earth: Definitions

  1. That’s awesome! I’m still on my trial right now debating if I want to buy it, I love the game but if I get it I won’t be able to get dragon age.

  2. haha; thats what i miss in mmos/games a good dialogue that makes you read

    i was playing Aion (which i failed to blog about); and there was a quest where if you read the quest book, you’ll read a story about how a Robin Hood type of character was honest and instead of saying he lost a Gold/Silver axe, he lost his iron axe and at the end, the person gave him all 3 axes due to his honesty. In the actual quest, most people wouldn’t read it, and would pick the gold axe out of greed! luckily i read the book and got all 3 axes like the character in the story 🙂

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