/AFK – November 1

159741-bigthumbnailWish me and my fellow NaNoWriMo friends well as we kick off a full month of writing a novel from scratch!  50,000 words is a mountain, folks, and I’ve lost my sherpa.

  • Tipa re: Legends of Zork – “All that can’t hide a game where the play consists of hitting the ‘Fight!’ button repeatedly until you run out of that day’s Action Points.”
  • Werit re: GameX – “It didn’t have nearly as much going on game wise as the big cons, but I’ll take what I can get.”
  • Johnny B Gamer re: MMORPGs – “Know Thy Parent Company and Its Track Record…”
  • Bronte re: Champions – “I went through the quest text, took screenshots and created a composite of the entire text for this mission.”
  • KTR re: Mystery Threads – “There is no indication of what might be inside, and there is a very good chance that it is poison.”
  • Evizar re: Alganon – “This game is awful.”
  • Frank re: WAR – “If Aion, Champions, and even Fallen Earth are ships sailing above the surface, WAR is a submarine, cruising almost casually underwater.”
  • Ferrel re: Guilds – “How do you deal with the impending doom of a guild you’ve loved, nurtured, and spent a lot of time building?”
  • Spinks re: WoW – “Warriors are still the most popular class in WoW by a large margin.”
  • Stabbed Up re: DDO – “I’m going to look at two areas in this analysis: the types of items sold and the types of spender buying them.”
  • Keen re: Fallen Earth – “I absolutely LOVE being so clueless.  It’s so refreshing to really have no clue what is going on.”
  • Fool’s Age re: Fear – “Fundamentally, I see three components to horror: suspense, wrongness, and startlement.”
  • Hawley re: ???? – “This is The Bad Place™ that I worry about.”
  • Gordon re: Torchlight – “Combat in most MMOs isn’t exactly thrilling stuff so the Torchlight/Diablo/Titan Quest mouse-mashing style might be a nice break.”

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