/AFK – November 8

dragon_age_moreI’ve finally crossed the barrier that separates the overwhelming compulsion to play a new game, and the ability to continue to play it while going to other games as well.  Your days of ruling my life are over, Dragon Age — I needs me Fallen Earth fix!

  • Werit re: WAR/Aion – “With a long grind to 50, seeing bots make me wonder why am I bothering?”
  • Hawley re: Fallen Earth – “In Fallen Earth, I’ve had to relearn how to tie my shoe-laces.”
  • Emily’s Wish – “They really treated her as a design professional, and her humor and creativity made the day.”
  • Bronte re: Champions – “Cryptic cares more about making quick bucks and pushing out content on strict deadlines than the quality of their products or the sentiments of their customers.”
  • KIASA re: D&D – “It’s a party composition straight out of Hideously Doomed To Fail PuGs 101.”
  • Brent re: Champions – “For now, I’m hanging up the spandex.”
  • Sharon re: Aion – “My main problem with Aion is that PvP just isn’t that complex… or fun.”
  • Darth Hater re: TOR – “Some industrious individuals have taken it upon themselves to sift through the official site, attempting to ferret out any content clues hidden within the website architecture.”
  • Evizaer re: Character Progression – “How continuous (or discrete) should advancement in RPGs be?”
  • Beau Turkey re: Free Realms – “In other words, the SOE bashers will have another reason to use the letters “NGE”. I have already witnessed it.”
  • Chris re: WoW – “What we have is an example of fitting the lore around the game instead of the game around the lore.”
  • Tipa re: Free Realms – “For every good, original MMO, there are nine that are crap.”
  • Spinks re: Shields – “Is it any wonder that shield using fighters in games feel attached to their shields?”
  • MBP re: DDO – “Dungeons and Dragons online has possibly the most confusing currency system of any game I have yet played.”
  • MMOG Chronicles re: Anarchy Online – “This was the first time that I know of instancing was used.”
  • Word of Shadow re: Aion – “What’s the fastest way for a Cleric (healer), who is responsible for keeping the entire group alive, to get 100 resurrections?”
  • Fool’s Age re: Emotions – “Sorrow is a profoundly deep and negative emotion, and is not casually experienced.”
  • PvD re: LOTRO – “Still, what’s the point of charging for an expansion and then going so far out of your way to give it away?”
  • Incoming Pull re: WAR – “From the start, Mythic has been back peddling to get their game where it should have been at launch”
  • Ferrel re: Leading Raids – “Most readers will not agree with everything I say and it certainly won’t work for every guild but in my experience this is what has worked best for me.”

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