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/AFK – November 15

875694-nerd_rage_superIf only… if only we could harness the sheer power and strength of nerd rage… we could supply the entire world’s energy for the next five hundred years!

  • Wildwhine’s Sten emotions chart
  • Hee.
  • KIASA re: DDO – “It’s just that DDO has had thirty five or so years and four editions of the pen and paper game to really hone their hive of supercilious bees, who swarm out and attack with stinging words anything that doesn’t belong to their colony.”
  • Arbitrary re: Boss Names – “Please game companies, do not give bosses silly names.”
  • Werit re: Torchlight – “I created a skill that shoots bees at enemies, so now… my dog is summoning zombies and barking a swarm of angry bees at my foes.”
  • Bronte re: Star Trek – “Star Trek Online will be released on February 2, 2009. This is very disturbing for me.”
  • Elnia re: WoW – “When you buy a pet from the pet store you are not only buying a cute panda monk, you are electing to support with your dollars a specific business model.”
  • Elder Game re: Community Relations – “Whatever you do, you have to stick to your guns.”
  • Grimnir re: WAR – “This is going to have some evil naughty and hated words in it, but it’s for the best.”
  • Jay re: Fallen Earth – “Two snaps that hopefully might give ya some insight into actually how LARGE and OPEN this game is.”
  • Scott Jennings re: Bugs – “Why doesn’t someone just fix all these bugs already?”
  • Gordon re: Grouping – “I do find it odd how now we have to be forced and herded into grouping.”
  • Ancient Gaming Noob re: Fishing – “I believe that there is a correlation between how well a fantasy MMORPG does relative to its contemporary competitors and how deep and interesting the fishing mechanism that is available at launch.”

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