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/AFK – OMG NEW MOON IS OUT!!! edition

Sorry, I’m just SO EXCITED!  Who will Bella fill her meaningless, empty, self-involved life with next?  A werewolf?  Cap’n Crunch?  A creepy televangelist who has 14 “child brides”?  All I know is that I somehow messed up big time, what with getting married to a loving woman who isn’t secretly any sort of terrible monster waiting to drink my blood or flay my skin.  I’m so sorry, Bella!

  • Ha.
  • I get blamed for EVERYTHING.
  • KTR re: DDO – “I have to say, I am pretty impressed that I am playing two games from the same company at the same time.  And, at different mental tempos.”
  • Ferrel re: Tortured Football Metaphors – “They try to go out and get loot for everyone by scoring points against the other team!”
  • Werit re: TOR – “I would be very surprised if TOR did not have something similar to the DAO Codex.”
  • MMO Misanthrope re: Googling – “I think a good amount of the disenchantment with themepark MMOs like WoW is that they do not encourage us to experiment or play.”
  • TOROZ re: SWG – “Galaxies is walking a fine line however, and I don’t think they have the luxury any longer of foisting new half baked experiments onto the community”
  • Slurms re: Fallen Earth – “You’re not really experiencing the game unless you craft.”
  • Rainbow MMO re: Fallen Earth – “So far, the community seems great, including players and developer/GMs.”
  • Petter re: SWG – “Am I having fun? Oh yes. Do I regret starting out on the project? Absolutely not.”
  • KIASA re: LOTRO – “It’s not quite the realisation of my dream to create Shakespeare Man, the masked hero who fights crime using his supernatural ability to make things explode by quoting pithily at them, but it’s pretty close.”
  • Wolfshead re: Video Game Politics – “What happens when the goals of the designer and the player contradict each other?”
  • Stargrace re: Fallen Earth – “I loved the humor in such a dark themed video game.”
  • Bronte re: Champions – “However, the vagueness of the following statements left a bad taste in my mouth.”
  • Scott Jennings re: RMT – “Few rumors enrage me quite as much as this one – because not only is it fairly obviously untrue, it’s also pretty insulting.”
  • JoBildo re: LOTRO – “I’m spending most of my time drooling about the main major feature of Turbine’s upcoming expansion: Skirmishes.”
  • Trembling Hand re: AI – “NPCs never express surprise. To NPCs everything is normal. Even a demon walking in to a bar.”
  • Nerfbat re: Fun vs. Grind – “The question is, is it worth creating the more enjoyable path AND the path of least resistance (both in terms of development cost and in terms of gameplay)?”
  • Keen re: Allods – “You get to play as 3 gerbils!”
  • Ancient Gaming Noob re: RMT – “But then you wonder, what other games could support something similar to PLEX?”

And if you haven’t been over to Bio Break’s sister site, Mutant Reviewers From Hell, here’s the cult movie goodies you’ve been missing out on:

5 thoughts on “/AFK – OMG NEW MOON IS OUT!!! edition

  1. Hey Syp, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t blame you anymore for my restless sleep. I blame Asianetcom for being a pain in the butt that’s keeping me from actually playing FE.

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