Giving Thanks

Here in the USA and perhaps in other countries — French Indochina?  I don’t know — it’s Thanksgiving, which means that I participate in two of the three great traditions for this holiday: awesome, copious amounts of food, giving thanks for the blessings that God’s given me, and football.  Between parades and football on TV, it’s like station programmers wanted to make a day where they’d be assured I’d never switch on the telly*.

So when it comes to MMORPGs, what do I have to be thankful for?  Let’s eek out an easy article and compose a list:

  • For the friends and guildies I’ve met over the years and have enjoying adventuring alongside
  • For my fellow bloggers who have been gracious in including me with their community, and in many cases, have also become friends
  • For a way to relieve stress at the end of a long day, particularly in a year when more responsibilities and pressures are on my shoulders
  • For exciting worlds to explore, conquer and pillage
  • For giving me an excuse to keep my writing skills sharp
  • For Bio Break’s readers, who keep me writing and, more often than not, are better educated on any given subject and not afraid of saying so in the comments

So to all these things and many more, I raise a turkey drumstick of thanks today!

P.S. – Some of you have inquired as to the latest episode of the MMO Fo’ Show.  To make a long story short, we did record it, but we had subsequent technical difficulties that mean you’ll never be able to hear it (and it WAS a great show).  Because of time limitations, we might not be recording any more shows in the future either.  Sorry!

* “Telly” means television, to my readers in the U.K.

8 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. Not that we celebrate it here, but Happy Thanksgiving Syp. Pretty sad about the MMO Fo’ Show…though.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Syp!

    And thank YOU for Bio Break this past year… it’s one of my first stops on Google Reader. 🙂

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