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/AFK – Jedi, Jedi Everywhere edition

So.  Much.  Turkey.  I may not survive.  If it comes to it, my final words will be… “check out these links…”:

  • ITG re: WoW – “My question is this – why doesn’t Blizzard steal all the successful community crafted mods?”
  • KIASA re: Healers – “Finally a pair of integrated loudspeakers rotate from their resting place, lock into position on the healer’s shoulders, and repeatedly squawk a distortingly loud siren alerting all the other players to the healer’s presence.”
  • Victor re: Fallen Earth – “Now as you can guess, I’m in love with Fallen Earth.”
  • Werit re: STO – “Who wouldn’t want want to fly around space in a cube?”
  • Psychochild re: Hybrids – “In my experience, there is one multi-role class that was designed very well: LOTRO’s Captains.”
  • Screaming Monkeys re: Elitism – “I think something in my brain tilted at that moment because I then brutally murdered the person sitting next to me.”
  • KTR re: Macbeth – “When we did Midsummer Night’s Dream, There’s a line that talks about internets. You told me that was a type of duck too.”
  • Slurms re: Achievements – “Hi, I’m Steve, and I used to hate achievement systems.”
  • Ancient Gaming Noob re: STO – “Something within me sings with joy at the thought of a Star Trek MMO.”
  • Kaldeem re: Deleting Characters – “I have a friend, and we both suffer from a case of deletealohlism.”

And on the previous episode of Mutant Reviewers:

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