Postcards from Fallen Earth #3

One of the friendly mutants in sector 2 -- I love the detail put into these models
I found him! He's real!
Since you were just a computer program two minutes ago, yes, I was wondering.
Typical view for me: run away! Run away!
Of course, the apocalypse has its fair share of rednecks.
Waiting for the world to load...

8 thoughts on “Postcards from Fallen Earth #3

  1. Hey Syp can I ask are you a pistoleer?

    Im currently struggling away at level 4 with the zip guns (well crafted a half decent one) and have found I have a better time of it with one melee one zip gun. Does this change at higher levels?

    Also I’d be interested in seeing your stat pages just to know if Im on the right track 😉

  2. Ha! So I see you may have wondered into one of the conflict towns, the mine of Hollister Point it looks like. Had a lot of fun soloing in the conflict towns. Good practice in S2 when most PvP is 1 on 1 since folks are so spread out. Hopefully by now most get blue on blue (and green heh) violence is not good for your faction!

  3. Two zip guns are better — just remember to hold down both mouse buttons to fire them simultaneously.

  4. @ Syp yeah I figured it just sucks a bit when they close the gap on you so fast (aka zombies in terance), also Im having to craft 300+ zip ammo a night which seems to have calmed a bit since switching to 1 melee 1 zip 😕 I’ll maybe switch back to two zip guns once I can craft another decent one

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