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Make Them Die For Their Tree-Filled Country

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my duty and responsibility to come before you tonight to tell you that the enemy that we all thought was fleeing, has launched a resistance.  They have the impunity to strike back into the very heart of our righteous cause, and it is because of that impunity that I say this: we will persevere.

“We will track them down, we will burn down their trees, and we will bring a bulldozer to a flowers-and-vines fight.  We will make them sorry that they ever invaded our games with their smug sense of superiority, and we will eradicate them from history.

“Tonight is the last night that the elves sleep safe and sound — tomorrow, they will taste extinction.”

16 thoughts on “Make Them Die For Their Tree-Filled Country

  1. As I have a level 80 Blood Elf Paladin people may suspect I’d side with GLEE on this, but as a show of solidarity I plan on PAYING for a race change once Cataclysm comes out.

    I propose an Anti-Organisation, the International Humanoid ASsociation Against High And Mighty Mincing Elven Rangers, or “IHASAHAMMER” for short

  2. For the GLEE! Elves & dragons. They are my soft spot… I like the more badass tolkienish and warhammerish type of elves though.

    Overused. Yes. Superior. Yes. Sometimes you want to punch them in the nose… Yes. Magical. Yes.

    Absolutely lovely.

  3. I hate elves. Always have. Unfortunately, I prefer the sword and sorcery style of MMO over anything else so I am stuck with them. It can be frustrating at times but I have hung in there.

    Of course it helps that I am currently playing Darkfall, so I can kill them pretty much any time I like! 🙂

  4. I will not stand for this! Elven folk are the aspiration of all men. This jealous genocide is childish.


    Something they could accomplish by sleeping in or waiting for the next ferry…

  5. We, the proud dwarven kind refuse to be treated as second class humanoids any longer! It is upon OUR earth that their trees grow! Let them feel the fury of those who were born not of the baseless ether but of the very clay and blood of our worlds! It is upon our ceilings that they build their foundations and roots. Let those aloof tree dwellers know the righteous anger that rages in the soil! We allowed you to grow your groves and we can certainly remove that right!

    Where do I sign up for IHASAHAMMER?!

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