Quote of the Day

“Of course, given the ‘virtual world’ roots of MMO design, it should be (and has been) noted that ‘multiplayer’ in no way exclusively implies ‘players playing in a group’.  That’s the difference between connotation and denotation.”

~ Tish Tosh Tesh

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Tesh is right. I think we should look at grouping mechanisms and the party/group concept. IMO it is the real limiter and divider.

  2. Psychochild has a great article up on how MMOs punish grouping.


    If group play were itself fun and easy to get into, people would naturally group up. (Though it’s still nobody’s business if someone doesn’t want to do so.) Presently, grouping is usually just something you have to do to get the best rewards. It’s incentivized incorrectly, in other words.

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