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/AFK – Moonkins Ate My Baby Edition

What is it with Moonkins?  Why are they so alluring, so attractive, so incredibly awesome?  Is it the forbidden fusing of nature’s natural enemies — owls and bears?  Is it the in-your-face /dance emote?  Or perhaps, it’s the sudden weight gain that defies every Jenny Craig on the planet?  Whatever the case may be, Moonkins forever, baby!

  • Hee.
  • True dat.
  • Hm.
  • Bear Rocket Butts.
  • KTR re: Sandbox MMOs – “Why don’t people who like sandbox gameplay go play a true sandbox MMO?”
  • MMOSH re: TOR – “The intarnet is full of gladiatorial pits where geeks go to fight that fight, and this isn’t one of them.”
  • Game By Night re: Storytelling – “The biggest problem, I think, is that the written word doesn’t have much place in the modern day MMO.”
  • Overly Positive re: TOR – “The whole notion of SWTOR suddenly becoming a solo MMO with multiplayer options is rather silly, right?”
  • Nuts and Bolts re: LOTRO – “Yes, the skirmish feature from The Siege of Mirkwood definitely has Burhhelm’s seal of approval.”
  • Don’t Fear the Mutant re: SWG – “I’ve fallen madly in love with SWG. It’s an awesome MMO.”
  • MmoQuests re: EverQuest – “I think perhaps we as writers and bloggers are more jaded then your average player who is just gaming and not telling the world about it.”
  • ITG! re: 2009 Game Awards – “These picks cover the things we experienced, and some really good (or bad) games might be left out.”
  • Gamers with Jobs re: WoW – “I can say without equivocation or sense of shame that the best video game story I have experienced is World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.  You may now vomit.”
  • NecroRogIcon re: Guild Wars – “I’ve been bad-mouthing Guild Wars ever since it released in 2005 and I’m here now to apologize.”
  • West Karana re: EQ2 – “Don’t let the cruel wizards in San Diego have their way with our fair city.”
  • ITG! re: Quests – “In my day we had to trudge across miles in Azeroth with no mount, and the snow weather system wasn’t even invented in the game yet! We had to read the quest log to get our clues!”
  • Spouse Aggro re: Live Events – “There are those events that can turn out poorly, though, becoming nothing but a creepy gathering of cybering losers.”

And on last week’s episode of Mutant Reviewers:

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