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Fallen Earth Gets Campy

So what could make a post-apocalyptic romp through the irradiated wastelands of the future even better?  According to Icarus Studios, the answer is “gambling” and “shantytowns”!

And you know what?  I really can’t agree more.

I haven’t been putting as much time into Fallen Earth lately as I would’ve liked, but I’m raring to make a comeback, and today’s patch is as good a reason as any.  FE is finally throwing us their first big content patch, unofficially labeled the “social patch” due to the fact that its features are designed to get players together and mingling more often.

So based off this IGN preview, let’s take a look at the new hotness:

1. Camps

Camps aren’t player housing — at least, not permanent housing — but they’re a step in the right direction.  They’re basically temporary structures that you can construct in the middle of almost anywhere — towns, deserts, zombie-ridden mines — and boast buffs, vendors and crafting tools for players on the go.

I’m very much on board with this idea, even though it means having to level yet ANOTHER tradeskill (construction) from zero.  Way back in my Warhammer days, I once suggested that it would be really cool if WAR would use temporary tents as their player housing system, representing the drifting fighters a long way away from home.  It’s good to finally see something like this in a game, and I can’t wait to see what permanent housing might be coming along soon.

2. Gambling

This is pretty much the definition of fluff, but in Fallen Earth’s world, gambling makes sense as “adult” fluff — an enjoyable if slightly seedy activity that could bring folks together.   There’s two games here: slot machines and blackjack, the former offering worse odds with a better payoff, and the latter offering better odds with a less extreme payoff.

I can’t see myself doing a LOT of gambling, but it is attractive in giving us a quick diversion, especially if you’re in town to do a bit of crafting or hanging out waiting for friends.

3. Taverns

The gambling minigames will be the highlight of “bunker bars”, taverns for the wasteland warrior that will also offer buffs and refreshments.  Icarus wants players to congregate in these bars, and so they’re offering the aforementioned incentives to get crowds together.

One of the best reasons to spend time in a tavern is for a great buff that both increases gained XP and makes you more resistent to attacks — kind of like “rested XP plus”.  Fallen Earth hasn’t had rested XP up to this point, so spending some time at the end of a play session building this buff up for the next day might be a great strategy.

And coming at the same time as the social patch is this new holiday, entitled…

4. First Night

First Night is the second Fallen Earth holiday (there was a halloween-themed one in October), which is going to take the place of Christmas/New Year.  In Fallen Earth’s bizarre world of humor, First Night is when everyone’s finally figured out when the calendar year begins and ends, and they’re out to celebrate as they reclaim old traditions.  Oh, and there’s the Seasonal Arctic Network of Toy-based Altruism (S.A.N.T.A.) — free gifts for all!

So lots and lots of new content to check out, and I really need to get working on my Tech faction as well!

3 thoughts on “Fallen Earth Gets Campy

  1. Im much the same as you, still enjoying the game but I’ve been having problems with it starting up recently. I’m dreading having to download it all again from scratch 😦

    Anyway good news on the content patch, and I’m defo interested in the gambling 🙂

  2. Camps, gambling and bunker bars all sound pretty cool.

    But call me Scrooge if you like, but I’d really like to see just one MMORPG that _didn’t_ feel the need to do in-game holidays mirroring Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. etc. in the real world. Just one.

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