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February – Loving, Fragging and Warping

With the news that Global Agenda is going to set down on February 1, 2010, it seems as if the second month of the new year will be the new high tide of MMO freshness.  There’s a bit of interest in both GA and Star Trek Online, and while I’ll bet dollars to donuts that neither will be a huge smash success, they might indeed do well, particularly if players are restless and still enduring the long, endless wait for Cataclysm and The Old Republic.

I’m certainly leaning more toward STO at this point, at least to give it a hassle-free one month trial, though GA’s “free” play option is somewhat tempting.

4 thoughts on “February – Loving, Fragging and Warping

  1. My old cohorts at TTH LOVED GA. They couldn’t put it down at the tradeshows. I’m wondering if it’ll end up being what Tabula Rasa should have been.

    I’ll be buying it for sure, especially given it’s freemium model.

  2. I’ve been in GA’s Alpha and then Beta test for a while now. It is not a bad game, or at least it seems to be shaping up really well, but it is not the type of game I wanted to play. This is a shooter with some RPG elements and not even a lot of Massive going on for it, which would make it a MMO. This will probably disappoint a lot of people that were expecting a action MMO of sorts.

    Talking about STO, I will wait and see. I’m not buying this on launch, even though I’m mildly interested. I just haven’t seen a lot of it and the few gameplay videos haven’t gotten me too excited.

  3. Sweet. Looking forward to playing GA as it looks to offer something a little different from the average MMO. Still, I think Feb is going to be a bad month for them as I bet most people will pick STO over it.

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