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/AFK – Kris Kringle Raid Edition

What’d you get for Christmas?  Over here in the Syp household, I’m typing away on a brand-new keyboard and chewing some brand-new gum from my wife!  Gum’s a lot like MMOs — great flavor at first, flavor fades away but you keep on chewing away in hope of one last flavor crystal burst.

  • Happy Sithmas!
  • Snaffy’s Space re: DAOC – “Dark Age of Camelot was far from a perfect MMO but it did get one element right that seems absent in modern MMOs: realm pride.”
  • Game by Night re: Immersion – “If I’m not feeling immersed, then I’m probably feeling detached.”
  • Screaming Monkey re: Pug Types – “For some reason he reminds you of the drill sergeant in Full metal jacket. He will scream at you during the entire run for every little mistake you make.”
  • Werit re: WAR – “The fact that you can level via RvR is one of my favorite aspects of the game.”
  • We Fly Spitfires re: Character Customization – “Sure, everyone likes being able to look unique, grotesque, beautiful, weird or different but actually just how important is it to a game?”
  • Of Teeth and Claws re: Metaplace – “In the end the product’s largest failing was that the technology felt too old.”
  • Spinksville re: LOTRO – “So here’s a brief list of nameable entities in LOTRO — just to give a feel for how ubiquitous it has become.”
  • Casual is as Casual Does re: STO – “I suppose I have a fear that the negativity will drive other people away, and I want to play with those people!”
  • Player vs Developer re: EQ2 – “And now, straight from June 2002, here are details from the ‘world premiere of the sequel to the hottest online RPG ever'”
  • MMOSH re: Holidays – “When it comes to seasonal events in MMOs, I’m a fully paid-up member of the Bah Humbug society.”
  • Zen of Design re: Trinity – “It is almost impossible to justify a defensively-bent damage-soaking meat shield without some artificial help.”
  • ITG! re: WoW – “Blizzard is catching up to other games in areas that it has been lacking, and in many ways leapfrogging the functionality that other games have done so well.”

My friend and former guildie Moxie has started up her own WoW blog called Battle Priestess — check it out!

Also, check out what you might have been missing this past week on Mutant Reviewers:

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