12 thoughts on “Poll: Best New 2009 MMORPG

  1. Gonna go Fallen Earth for thinking outside the box.

    Really at this point the other games listed on there aren’t even as good as WoW’s LFG tool.

    And that is sad. So kudos to Fallen Earth and here’s to hoping Cryptic blows up in a giant fireball

  2. Not to take anything away from FE, which I feel is really good and is the only MMO I am currently subscribed to and playing with regularity… and I admit never having fired up Darkfall….

    but it’s really sad to see that much lack of competition and large amount of hohum-ness and ugh-ness all listed together like that.


  3. never tried Darkfall, Aion, Fallen Earth, or Spellborn (though thats freee now isnt it so maybe I should) and I never even heard of FusionFall. So I’m not sure I’m qualified to vote.

  4. It’s weird. I voted for Fallen Earth…and I don’t even play the game. Infact, it’s quite likely the game is not even for for me. But I’ve heard such good things about it from across the board, I think it reasonable to say that it’s faired best in quality of a good game…despite what appears to be using a graphics engine older than Everquest and the Stone Age.

    I was hoping Champions and Aion would do a lot better. But the former got Bill Roper’d and the latter had a 5 ton gorilla of an Asian grind fest sitting on the game halfway threw. None which make the game desirable or with soul…unless they “your thing.” In the end though, this is clear case where David beat the Goliaths, IMO.

  5. @Mesar great articel, thanks for the link

    @Utakata yeah it seems like that is the case there. I hope they improve the graphics though. I’m such a graphics-o-phile

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