Quote of the Day

“[Gearscore] then tallies up all the points to assign a player a gearscore – a handy little number with which your total gear picture, and unfortunately skill, knowledge of the game, and general worth to humanity are all assessed.”

~ Lagwar

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Every time the notion of resubbing to WoW starts sneaking into my head, I read something like this and it goes limping quietly away.

  2. Wotcha Syp,

    Sometimes, things like this terrify me. At others, they make me giggle hysterically.
    At all times, they just reinforce my faith in human nature.

  3. Reason #265 I have a hard time resubbing to WoW: everytime I’m close to doing it, I see this, or worse yet someone saying the above in complete seriousness, and immediately recoil from my computer in disgust.

  4. I hate this gearscore stuff but, I have to say, for tanks/healers it can be informative. Tanks especially, since, without gear above a certain level, they’re going to make the life of their healer hell. That being said, skill trumps score. I’m always willing to give someone a shot before I start eyeing their score.

    Let me raise this though, gearscore doesn’t matter outside of raids. Since the new LFG tool won’t let you queue for dungeons you’re not geared for (calculating its own gear score), there’s no reason for players to persecute each other when the game says “this person can handle it.” Anything else is elitism or not wanting to exercise patience as someone learns.

  5. I’m with WalterD and Dickie. I’ve been fighting a losing battle against the desire to resub to WoW to see if this Dungeon Finder thing really is the Second Coming of MMO tools, but things like “gearscore” send badly needed reinforcements to my willpower.


  6. theres actually some addon out there that breaks everyone’s gearscore addon around you. i think its called GearScoreBreaker and what it does is make it look like everyone has a gear score of 6000. ive only heard of it but it sounds hilarious.

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