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$5 Bucks Gets You A MMO… Or A Cup Of Coffee

Several sites and blogs have reported on this incredible end-of-the-year sale over at Steam, a sale which includes a huge amount of MMORPGs (and other titles) being handed out at incredibly reduced prices.  This sale runs through January 3rd, so if you didn’t get a good present under the Christmas tree this year, there’s no reason you shouldn’t shell out a few bucks to treat yourself to something fun in the new year!

The best deals here are MMOs going for the low, low price of $5, including:

  • EVE Online: Dominion
  • Vanguard
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea
  • EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey
  • EverQuest II: Starter Pack
  • Lineage

If there’s nothing in that list to float your boat, they’re also offering Champions Online for $10, the whole Star Wars Galaxies package for $10, City of Heroes Architect Edition for $10, Age of Conan for $13, and (my personal favorite) Fallen Earth for $25.

Personally, I’m really tempted to pick up EQ2 — $5 for the starter pack would get me the game and a month’s worth of play time to satisfy my curiosity of this title.  Even if I don’t play it, hey, it was just $5.

Direct2Drive is also offering a number of sales, but nothing as insane.  They do have Warhammer for $20, which I didn’t see pop up on Steam.

8 thoughts on “$5 Bucks Gets You A MMO… Or A Cup Of Coffee

  1. I finally got Fallen Earth, played the trial for a few days and then was kicking myself cause it wasn’t on sale anymore. I told myself next time Steam has it on sale, I’ll buy it… and lo and behold they must’ve read my mind cause a few days later it showed up for $25. Sold, thank you very much.

    Best video game decision I have made all year, I’m loving this game. Just made it to Sector 2 and and finished crafting a motorcycle. So cool.

    So far it seems to have the complexity of SWG and EVE, something that’s been missing from recent hand-holding MMOs. And the atmosphere/mood of the game is great. Just running accross a barren landscape and reaching the next beaten down settlement has a great feel to it.

  2. I’d be curious to see what you think of EQ2. I think the conclusion I came to was that it was a similar style of game to LOTRO but I thought LOTRO was much more immersive (and for me, more fun). But EQ2 is a huge game with a lot to do in it and it is good.

  3. I may have to do the EQ2 thing myself. Afterall, EQ was my first MMO back in 98. At $5 I could try 3 new games for the cost of one subscription of a game I currently play.

  4. Yea some awesome deals , i’ve figured i’m gonna stock up on MMOs for 2010. Maybe i’ll call it my “MMO a Month” adventure while i wait for something different.

    For $5 a pop i bought like half the MMOs on there haha.

    On a side note, EQ 1 [and all the expacs] is also there for $5. I know this, because errr..i misclicked & misread in all the excitement and bought EQ 1 instead of EQ 2 . So now i own both for $10 , aah well who knows ;).

    I also threw in Torchlight for $10, even though not an MMO, but geez for $10 it’s a steal.

  5. How coincidental, I just got a free copy of EQ2. Haven’t installed it yet, because I’m scared. If you want to hold my hand and explore together, you be sure to let me know.

  6. I think the Shadow Odyssey is a better deal than the starter pack – check the details of each before you buy.

    For further details I’ve rambled excessively about EQ2’s marketing over at my blog but most of that isn’t relevant if you just get one of the Steam offers.

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