Quote of the Day

“All player-character female Trolls look the same, and that’s because there’s only one face option not currently stricken by demonic possession.”

~ Wow.com

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. So true, I love my trolls and have several diffrent trolls but every time I do a new character that is a female troll, I use the same face :/ Btw I think Blizzard should update all races with new faces and options.

  2. Quoted For Truth! I’ve rolled a couple of female Trolls and while looking through the faces have always chosen the same one, being the only one that’s not stuck in a permanent scowl.

    That said, my Gnome Warrior’s face was the snarling angry one, but he was also a little prone to lapsing into a Berserker rage so the scowl suited him.

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