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Fallen Earth: Down The Rabbit Hole

I look taller now!

I had a great time getting reconnected with Fallen Earth last night, dusting Syp off and getting her back up to speed.  Surprisingly enough, the clan has been growing over the holidays (Casualties of War, look us up!) and vent was hopping with highbies and lowbies alike.

It also turns out that the random number generator (RNG in MMO parlance) favored me greatly, for I attained the ultra-rare white top hat from the First Night event after opening my third gift package.  It’s a little bit of high civilization in the midst of anarchy, and I consider it my great duty now to spread the “finer things” to the unwashed peasants of Arizona.

The wide variety of gear and weapons continues to tickle me, especially since so much of it is grounded in the real world.  Goggles, batter helmets, cowboy hats, golf shoes, shovels and rocket launchers are all easier to grasp than arcane-sounding armor.  Of course, the wide variety means that many characters start to look like they robbed the Salvation Army and a sporting goods store.

On a side note, I don’t know what the enemy mobs have against my horse, but they’re always trying to murder Mr. Ed when my back is turned.  What did the horse do to them?  It’s me they want, stop killing my ride!

I always feel a bit sad when I return from a quest to find my horse in a crumpled heap on the ground, eyes open but still.  He died so I might gain a few points of XP.  Oh well, time to patch him up and head on out!

6 thoughts on “Fallen Earth: Down The Rabbit Hole

  1. I too like how the equipment is grounded in the real world. One of my favorite moments was crafting and wearing a pair of 3D glasses. Their only effect was reducing my perception – the only armor effect that has ever made any logical sense to me.

  2. I love this game. If you haven’t yet listened in yet, I would head over to Lagwar and check out Lifenet. It’s the most informative gaming podcast I’ve heard in a while. Every new player should start at the first podcast and start listening.

    Great hat btw. I think I’ve turned in a hundred of those boxes and still have yet to get one. I’ve given up lol.

  3. Wotcha Syp,

    I quite like the white hat. It’s my “Wearing in town” hat.


  4. Most human mobs wont attack horses. Animals, especially crabs and creapers, will go after your horse like a pack of dogs on a 3 legged cat.

    Speaking of which, whats the point of the horses having stats if they dont fight back.

  5. Gah! Syp returns while I’m on vacation! Hope to see you next time you swing through the desert.

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