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Chronicles of Spellborn: Resurrection Imminent

It’s actually kind of funny that Spouse Aggro is reporting on Chronicles of Spellborn’s potential relaunch.  Funny for me, that is, since I downloaded the client last week and mulled over playing it or not.

I’ve heard good things about the game, particularly in its art style and unique combat system, but I’ve been holding off because the title is in a weird sort of limbo.  Spellborn launched almost a year ago, struggled to find footing, and then admitted that it wasn’t cutting the mustard a few months later in June.  Instead of canceling it outright, they “froze” the title’s development and let people play for free while the title went into “Re-Development” to become a free-to-play MMO.

Presumably, once Spellborn re-launches, all previous characters will be wiped, hence why I’ve been waiting.  I am pretty psyched that it does seem that it’s going to happen, however.

6 thoughts on “Chronicles of Spellborn: Resurrection Imminent

  1. I tried it for a bit, but the combat boils down to two playstyles:

    1. Fighting critters, in which case you just spam the same sequence of skills, updating the sequence every so often with new skills as you obtain them. Nothing new there, even with the unique combat system.

    2. Fighting humanoids, which is synonymous with group combat. This is where the combat system shines, assuming you’re also in a group. Otherwise, you have no chance of survival.

    As a solo player by nature, I didn’t get very far. The environment was also kind of drab, and I didn’t see much improvement in the second area. Lore wasn’t terribly inspiring, either.

    I’m willing to give it another shot, though… if I can squeeze in time between LOTRO sessions.

  2. I never actually ended up playing the game. How’s the world feel? I usually find that is a massive determining factor on whether I enjoy the game. But then again, I really enjoy exploring and lore.

    LOTRO is great, I love that game! 🙂 I really feel they captured the feel of middle earth that I got when reading the books!

  3. I enjoyed the game a lot while it was freemium – right up to the point where you had to pay. I was waiting for them to fix their payment page, they had encryption on the page *technically* but they used a gateway made from ever-unsecure flash to process payments which would have sent credit card details etc in plain text… I’m not paranoid about security but with a company like theirs I expect them to make the effort.

    Anyway, by the time they HAD fixed it I had already gotten hooked on a different game in the meantime and spellborn faded into obscurity.

  4. The art style, world design, and ambient soundscapes are the best I’ve ever been immersed in. The combat, questing, and loot systems… eh, not so great.

    Lots of potential however.

  5. “I mean, really, if someone — even Blizzard — transplanted all of WoW’s UI and design and art style into a scifi setting, I’d probably gobble it up.”

    It’s being done. It’s called Star Wars: The Old Republic. 😛

  6. Be aware that at the moment the game comes with Game Guard bundled with the software. This supposed anti-cheat program seems to cause more problems than it solves (lag, disconnects, and computer restarts)…and involves some serious work to uninstall it. Some consider it a rootkit. I was just surprised to find it with Spellborn. Aion was using it for a while too and that peeved quite a few folks off. Anyway, just an FYI cuz I know these sorts of programs really bother a lot of folks.

    Also, playing Spellborn right now is a very lonesome experience. The desolation of gamers is a strange feeling. There are a few on, but it feels like how Fallout/Fallen Earth would really feel in real life…only with pretty colors.

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