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Bio Break Needs YOU To Help With An Experiment!

Hey everyone, can you help me out with something quick?

What I’d like you to do is to take a stopwatch or timer to whatever MMORPGs you have on your computer, and time how long it takes from clicking the item to start the program to when you actually get in game (i.e. you see your character and are in the world).

If we all band together to contribute some data for this, I’m hoping to see what games have fast “get in” times, and which are pokey.Β  Just leave a comment with the game(s) and time it took you — again, from clicking on the item (start!) to when your character finally loads in (stop!).


55 thoughts on “Bio Break Needs YOU To Help With An Experiment!

  1. For Fallen Earth I got: 2 Minutes 24 Seconds From clicking on Icon to getting into the character i wanted.

    Have to say that is actually a reasonable time to me.

  2. WoW: 0.32 – Running about 100 addons, that slows it down.

    Fallen Earth: 1.53 – Down from 10m + last week, hooray!

    STO: 30m and counting. Server’s down again.

  3. Based on no empirical data whatsoever, I’ll bet that Allods online will be amongst the fastest, and STO amongst the slowest.

  4. Fallen Earth: 1:50

    Not the greatest, especially since they require three separate user interactions (password, start update check, and launch).

  5. Question: Many games provide a ‘quick’ login option, where it will select your character, server, etc. for you so you don’t have to spend time at the selection screen. Are we talking whatever means possible to get in game, or full selection process?

  6. 37 seconds from the time I click on the WoW icon to the time I get into the game.

    Funny, always seems like a lot longer than that.

  7. LOTRO – 1:01. I’ve noticed that if it’s the first time playing since I restarted my computer, it takes an additional 15 seconds or so between selecting my character and loading the game world. Probably some caching going on with subsequent entries.

  8. For WoW… 1 minute 27 seconds – includes an authenticator prompt and loading in Dalaran. Loading in other places is faster.

    For Fallen Earth… 1 minute 59 seconds

  9. LotRO – 3:22

    LotRO always takes forever to load for me, and I was in one of the Homesteads for this load so you can probably tack on another minute and a half if I were loading into Mirkwood or Moria.

  10. Just as a reference point on non-MMO games with online logins, logging into Steam + Left4Dead2 = 27 seconds.

    I wonder how much Readyboost would affect loadtimes? (I’m not using it currently).

  11. Fallen Earth – 0:50
    Wizard 101 – 0:42

    I should note that I’ve got a pretty fast PC, and probably more importantly, a solid state disk.

  12. My gaming rig is down, or I could help you with more MMO’s, but right now with a slower machine WoW takes 46 seconds

  13. WoW: 57 seconds (but this was first login after the 3.3.2 patch so I had to spend a few seconds accepting the terms of service)

    Atlantica Online: 1 minute 15 seconds

  14. Everquest- Roughly 2 min 55 sec.
    That is from Station Launcher, scanning and loading up the game.

    It can be longer considering if my connection is being craptastic that day or not.. I’ve had to wait five minutes to log in but that is more or less on my end 😦 I cannot wait to move and change providers ><

  15. DDO – 0:53

    hmmm… I was hoping to see someone mention FFXI. Last time I played that game I would have pegged the log in at around 20minutes.

  16. Forgot to say that I noticed load times in WoW really depends on what area you’re logging into. My time was for logging into Shattrath. I’d reckon a newbie zone would be a good 5-10secs faster.

  17. 1:39.86 – STO

    Would have, could have been better, but the client crashed the first go-round.

  18. EQ2: 1:18

    Used the launcher with auto play enabled. Running on Win7.

    Global Agenda, not already logged in steam: 42 seconds
    Global Agenda, already logged in steam: 26 seconds

    Each game was already loaded once to speed things up πŸ™‚

  19. Star Trek Online: 59 seconds

    (Note: since official launch, it has been remarkably stable compared to the headstart weekend. Good sign, in my book.)

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