Lego Enterprise

For good or ill, STO has my full, undivided attention this past week, to the point where I haven’t logged on WoW or Fallen Earth at all.  Chalk it up to first week excitement, but the truth is I’m genuinely having a lot of fun.  Now, how long will the fun last?  That’s the question, isn’t it.

Last night, pokey little Syp of the starship Bio Break finally dinged Lieutenant Commander — the first significant rank in the game.  It really takes far, far too long to get there, considering you have to spend upwards of 20 hours before getting there.  Why’s it so important? Because at Lt Cdr — aka “Level 11” — you finally get to choose your first ship type past the default light cruiser you get at character creation.  General word of mouth says that the tier 2 cruisers aren’t worth it, but I already had my eyes on a science vessel anyway.  I don’t like the look of escorts, and I want more options than just tanking power.

So as midnight drew near, I docked with Starbase and picked out my new ship — the Bio Break B.  I was eager to choose a look for it, and as I went to the ship customize screen, I noticed something I missed the first time around: the “Advance” tab.  This opens up a second batch of options for ship customization, namely letting you swap parts from the three standard ship templates for that tier/type and throwing on some funky paint decals.

So while there are three types of ship per tier/class (i.e. 3 visual types of tier 2 science vessels), you can mix-and-match between the three: the hull, nacelles, nacelle struts and saucer sections are all up for grabs.  If my middle school math serves me well, this means that, for each tier and ship class, there are 81 visual ship configurations — and that’s not counting decals, colors, hull type or window types.  Impressive!

7 thoughts on “Lego Enterprise

  1. Science ship all the way! Teir 2 ships is so much better than Tier 1 in looks and ability to dish out dmg and science abilities. The Tier 3 ship is really good, but no a big fan of the looks though.
    Little bit of info I picked up last night, if you max some of the skills on the skill tree it unlocks “Train X ability III.” The ability has to match the type of officer your captain is. My friend got where he should have been able to train High Yield Torp III but he is an engineer. My science captain can now train my science officers in tachyon beam III and science team III. Just a little heads up to prevent the wasted SP training.

  2. Cruisers are no where near as bad as people make out, in fact they’re not bad at all. They just need a different play style from the previous 11 levels. It’s all about the application of 360 degree, all-round fire power.

    That said, I’m loving my science ship and use it far, far more than my cruiser 😉 Fast, quite pokey and I like the flavour of the science abilities.

  3. How much are you grouping Syp? Granted, I played last night with a friend but we made it to level 5 in three hours. I did the same things solo in beta and headstart with another character. I can say that the space side of things scales up with the size of your group but the groundside stays the same. Or near enough that I didn’t notice the difference. Two or three people doing the same mission makes a HUGE difference.

  4. I was looking forward to picking up a T2 Cruiser. What is the problem with Cruisers and why should I go Science? I know Escorts are too paper thin for taking damage.

  5. Science vessels mix a bit of the survivability of cruisers with a bit of the damage capability of the escorts thrown in with the fun abilities of being able to screw with your opponents capabilities. They are more maneuverable than cruisers. A cruiser can’t turn inside of any other class of ship. They can do decent sustained dps, not good burst. People are flying a lot of escorts for fleet actions because the top dps gets blues.

  6. I hit 11 tonight and decided to go Cruiser. I plan to level another character past 11 anyway so he can take a different ship. I do have one important question. How do you name your ship? I named my first ship but this one when I bought it came pre-named. I can’t even use the NX I got. What am I missing?

  7. The NX is the registry, not the name. If you go to the status tab and look at your ship, you can change the registry. Then zoom in on the front of your ship and you will NX-######. I think you can change the name of the ship at space dock, but not sure. I really haven’t bothered trying.

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