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The Great Login Experiment – Results!

First of all, a sincere thanks to everyone who helped me test login times for their various MMOs.  We didn’t cover all of them, and there’s never *enough* data for this sort of thing, but I was curious, and I thought you might be as well.

So here are the results — how long, on average, it took readers to go from clicking on the desktop icon to being fully in the game.  Take these all with a huge grain of salt — some of the games we had a lot more data, and some the “spread” (between lowest and highest) was more pronounced.  So I’ve included how many samples and what the spread (low-high) was to help with the analysis:

  • Lord of the Rings Online: 145.8 seconds (7 samples, 61-173)
  • Aion: 140 seconds (1 sample)
  • EverQuest 2: 129.3 seconds (3 samples, 78-175)
  • Fallen Earth: 107.1 seconds (10 samples, 50-145)
  • Champions Online: 97.5 seconds (2 samples, 94-101)
  • Atlantica Online: 75 seconds (1 sample)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online: 74.5 seconds (2 samples, 53-96)
  • Star Trek Online: 71 seconds (3 samples, 55-99)
  • Warhammer Online: 62.7 seconds (4 samples, 50-81)
  • World of Warcraft: 48.7 seconds (21 samples, 22-87)
  • Wizard 101: 42 seconds (1 sample)
  • Allods: 41.5 seconds (2 samples, 32-51)
  • Global Agenda: 36 seconds (2 samples, 26-46)
  • EVE Online: 26 seconds (2 samples, 23-29)
  • Guild Wars: 21 seconds (2 samples, 20-22)

Again, I wish we got more samples from some of the under-represented games, especially ones where the spread was so big.  Even so, it’s interesting to note the bulky titles — LOTRO, EQ2, FE — and compare them to the lightweights — EVE, Guild Wars, Global Agenda.  I’m impressed that WoW came in well under a minute, and thought DDO would’ve been a lot quicker for some reason.

Thanks again to everyone who broke out their stopwatches to help out with this — we truly have made a huge difference for the greater good!  Well… we satisfied a curiosity, at least.

12 thoughts on “The Great Login Experiment – Results!

  1. Would be better if we could get the results for each game on the same computer specs. Doesn’t *really* tell us all that much. 😛

  2. I’d call Wizard 101 a flyer. It’s about as fast as Guild Wars. LOTRO, though is the biggest loser. On my comp it is by far the slowest to load.

  3. It was never going to work with so many people giving just one log in time, which is understandable since most of us play only one MMO at a time. If people would have provided several games each you could have calculated a factor for their system performance, making it possible to get significant statistical data with a small sample size.

  4. Allods is nice and quick for me. GW, W101 and Puzzle Pirates are also fast… but honestly, I’ve never really cared all that much. I’ll start the program and do something else while it starts up. I always have a sketchbook, for example. The only time I start to be concerned is if it takes more than three minutes or so, since that suggests that something is wrong with the machine. *shrug*

    An interesting dataset, anyway, even with Starayo’s well-noted caveat.

  5. Aye, unfortunately this type of information isn’t statistically very useful because the sample set is too low and there’s no accounting for PC spec. For instance, maybe the one guy who tested Aion just had a low spec PC. Plus you have issues with mods and add-ons.

    A far more useful test would actually just be to load up all of these games on the one computer and try it out! Anyone willing to volunteer? 🙂

    Nice idea though 🙂

    BTW I’m curious why you thought WoW wouldn’t come in at a low time? I think it’s definitely one of the most “lightweight” MMOs there is and I’m actually surprised it didn’t perform better.

  6. It would be even more telling to time number of seconds between login and FUN.

    Global Agenda scores well on that as well!

  7. Yes not enough info to give a accurate results, however I knew Lotro would top the list.
    It also shows what people are playing atm.

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