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/AFK – Scotty Ate A Tribble Edition

Scotty.  Tribbles.  One exists to be eaten, one exists to eat.  You ever wonder why Scotty packed on so much weight between the TV series and the movies?  An all-Tribble diet, my friend.  Those suckers are loaded in saturated fat.

  1. Stargrace celebrates the 3rd anniversary of Vanguard (that’s still around?  huh!)
  2. The Engines Cannae Take It! does some testing to figure out what power levels do for your ships in STO
  3. Rainbow MMO concludes a one-month sojurn in Runes of Magic
  4. Starting Area has a few intelligent observations going into STO
  5. Victor Stillwater shares his experiences from being a games journalist
  6. Why do MMORPGs fail?  Scott Jennings to the rescue on that one!
  7. Spinks wants us all to embrace our inner RNGs
  8. Massively tackles Cryptic and forces it to answer up, sumo-style!
  9. I think Eurogamer gets it right with their STO review
  10. Kill Ten Rats ferrets out a few nuggets of info about Guild Wars 2
  11. Epic Slant wishes that other MMO genres would open up
  12. Wolfshead shakes his wolfy head sadly at the disappearance of immersion in WoW
  13. Righteous Orbs has a big beef with the end of the Wrath storyline
  14. Let’s pile it on a little more in regards to WoW, with ITG! lamenting a lazy dungeon master
  15. Starting Area wishes more games would have sidekicking

And if you’ve been missing out on the excellent cult movie content over at MRFH, then miss out no longer!

One thought on “/AFK – Scotty Ate A Tribble Edition

  1. I figure that since I’ve gotten back to blogging regularly (far more regularly than I ever did before) I may as well chip in with a couple STO related posts I’ve made. Heh, I hope you can forgive the shameless self-promoting but then I really enjoy reading your blog and would love to hear your thoughts on my take on STO, which is more of a rant than an in-depth analysis:

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