Fallen Earth: Off the Beaten Path

Ten Ton Hammer reminds us why Fallen Earth speaks deeply to the Explorer in all of us.  The devs share an infectious love for going off the beaten path to see what might be over that hill, in that bunker or under that corpse.  It usually isn’t anything directly beneficial to your player, like loot and gear, but more often than not, just cool little visual rewards that tell a story and help you get excited with wandering all over again.

I think it’s really great that the devs are taking time not just to expand their high level zones, but to go back and add more life and details to the newbie experience.  The more reasons you can give a player to fall in love with a game right from the start the better, I say.

I was brought up in a video game environment where wandering and exploring were just as important as beating the game and getting better gear.  Adventure games were foremost among these, but also some RPGs and even old school arcade games.  We wanted to find the unique areas, the hidden warp zones, the restaurant at the end of the universe — which more than justified countless hours spent turning over every rock and crawling through caves.  Just to explore, to see what many others haven’t, to allow yourself to be placed in a state of awe when you find something amazing.

In Fallen Earth, I have fully surrendered to the Explorer gene.  I am about the worst leveler in the world — I think I’m poking around level 24, up from level 20 around Christmas — because whenever I start to do a quest, something catches my eye and I have to go see what it is.  Before I know it, I’m about six miles away from my horse and not caring whatsoever.

Yesterday, one of the most explorer-centric MMOs came back from the dead — Myst Online: Uru Live.  I’ve never played this, but those that have tend to rave about just how different of a MMO this is from your typical combat-heavy titles.  It’s a game full of exploring, poking around, puzzle solving and adventuring.  I may never play it, but I’m glad to see that people truly passionate about this style of gameplay could help bring it back from a deceased state.

2 thoughts on “Fallen Earth: Off the Beaten Path

  1. WalterD February 9, 2010 / 10:35 am

    Probably my favorite moments playing WoW were when I would take a break from leveling (around mid-30s) and try to uncover as much of the world map as possible. This resulted in some truly epic journeys across the Old World and culminated in me doing ridiculous things, like trying to sneak into Alliance starting areas, or morphing to a sea lion and swimming to Teldrassil.

    I’m an explorer through and through. If I ever have free time again, I need to subscribe to Fallen Earth.

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