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TOR – Return of the Taris

Mention “Taris” to any KOTOR player, and you’ll be well stocked in conversation for the next hour or so.  Taris was the first planet that you visited in KOTOR, during which you spent what felt like 232 hours running here, there and everywhere doing quests and just trying to get off the place before you went insane.  At least, that’s how I always felt.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved KOTOR, but Taris was too… long and blah for me.  It didn’t help that you had few interesting skills and abilities (Taris represented the only non-Jedi part of both KOTOR games).  And it really didn’t help that you couldn’t throw Carth over the side of a tall building to shut up His Whinyness.

Anyway, the planet got blasted into oblivion, but apparently there’s enough left to make it worthy of questing there, so the TOR team has made this their 10th planet unveiled.  Cool?  I guess?  I mean, I’m happy that there’s quite a few locations in the game and I hope that when it launches there are scads of planets to explore, but I think the TOR community is ready to hear something different than just the philosophies behind classes and playable planets.  There’s lots we don’t know about the game — the Holonet still has four greyed-out buttons that represent some sort of content or systems.  Seeing as how we’re in a but of an emotional lull surrounding the game, it’d be great to hear something new or different come from the BioWare crew.

I’ll admit that the whole post-apocalyptic theme of the planet is intriguing… and there are plenty of opportunities to do clever callbacks to KOTOR.


5 thoughts on “TOR – Return of the Taris

  1. I’m interested if that whole “Promised land” (or whatever the quest arc was that had you looking for a bunch of books just for the sake of a few credits or a few light side points, take your pick.) will come into play.

  2. Patience, young padawan. They’re over a year out from launch, so I’d guess that there’s still going to be a LONG time to wait before they start releasing any gameplay mechanic info. This “fluff” stuff is probably intended to tide us over until they can actually start talking about the game itself. I’m so distracted by all the other shiny new games out that I’m in no immediate rush for info. I’ll check back in when things start to get more exciting, I’m sure.

  3. I lost interest in KOTOR after about 1/2 an hour on Dantooine, right after leaving Taris. Don’t get me wrong, I liked KOTOR except for the character progression system, the combat system, the storyline, and NPC interaction. Do you think it’s worth giving it another shot?

  4. One of the first cool things I’ve seen for ToR. I’m quite interested to see what happened to the planet. I didn’t even remember the name of the planet at first, but its been a long time since I played KotOR 😛

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