/AFK – Macarena Edition

Da le a tu cuerpo alegria macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa darle alegria y cosa buena
Da le a tu cuerpo alegria macarena
Eeeeeh, Macarena – ay!

I’m nothing if not topical.

From 1996.

  1. Deeply Delving Dungeons compares and contrasts STO with EVE
  2. The Banstick thinks that DDO is holding up just fine as a F2P game
  3. NecroRogIcon has a couple pennies to wing at Allods Online’s death penalty
  4. Epic Slant takes us on a tour of EQ2’s Sentinel’s Fate
  5. MMO Gamer Chick has a difficult time juggling multiple MMOs
  6. Pink Pigtail Inn desperately wants to see the return of weather to WoW
  7. West Karana looks at the ups and downs of STO, one week later
  8. Reverse Ding talks about facelifts and EQ… or something
  9. Stropp says, “Leveling EASY!  Make HARDER!”
  10. WAR’s Matt Daniels talks about being a lead writer for the project
  11. Psychochild reveals the TERRIBLE TRUTH: That MMOs do, in fact, change
  12. KIASA rates “garishness” — but where does City of Heroes fit in?
  13. We Fly Spitfires is eager for a thriller, thriller night

And during the previous week over at Mutant Reviewers:


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