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/AFK – Sync in Progress

Hey, folks, it could’ve been worse.  I could’ve done ‘N Sync in Progress, causing your eyes to roll right out of your head.

And without further ado, blog posts you must read today to avoid the mummy’s curse:

  1. Stargrace and her accent makes a podcasting debut on View From the Top podcast!
  2. Werit is pleased with WAR’s new scenario structure
  3. KIASA examines LOTRO’s retuning of lower level zones
  4. Creeping… reveals the circle of life in MMO balancing
  5. Wolfshead looks at how both SOE and Blizzard are improving the new player experience
  6. Dblade has an interesting Narnia analogy for MMO players
  7. dislikes WoW’s small world
  8. Pink Pigtail Inn exposes a little-known fact about Blizzard-approved guilds
  9. How would PvD change LOTRO’s legendary system?  IF ONLY I COULD FIND OUT.
  10. Screaming Monkeys examines the “contract” between a guild and its members
  11. Two nuns and a buttload of STO greed
  12. Dusty has a cautionary tale about judging MMOs too quickly
  13. If Werit ran WAR, here’s what 2010 would look like
  14. Darth Hater turns their infamous dissection eye to TOR’s comic series for clues
  15. Kill Ten Rats is enjoying the luxury of MMOs on the go
  16. Stabbed Up gets back to PnP D&D roots
  17. Tipa is thrilled for wings that work in Wizard 101
  18. MMO Gamer Chick is sick of the selfish attitudes that run through our games
  19. ITG! loves them a bit of Allods Online
  20. Massively Multiplayer Fallout cross-checks MMO studios with the BBB

2 thoughts on “/AFK – Sync in Progress

  1. Dear Syp…

    …could you add Pink Pigtail Inn to your blog roll, please?

    I’m not sure I really like it…it’s just as my main (inwhich my handle is dervided) is a pink and pig-tailed Gnome. More exposure about us, the more it will help us in our conquest for complete world domination….muhahaha! Um…and since your sorcing Larísa’s blog a couple of times now…I would appreciate it if you add it.

    /wiggles pigtails

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