Allods: A Question

When your forum is home to a 1,266-post topic discussing all the ways your players are upset with the implementation of your cash shop, should you:

  1. Use that thread and other created threads to generate enough of a picture of what went wrong and how you need to fix things, or
  2. Start a completely new “official” thread that you’re planning to leave up there for weeks to gather information that’s somehow lacking at this point?

I mean, yeah, I don’t know how to run a MMO and I’ll grant that it’s a pretty complicated and tricky process, but how hard is it to hear thousands of voices screaming “YOUR PRICES ARE TOO HIGH!” and tweak them back down, perhaps to an equal level of what you’re charging people in your own country for the same services?  You just make a big number into a smaller number.

Allods is reaping some of the absolute worst PR I’ve seen thrown at a company at launch, and they cannot afford to just sit on their hands gathering more intel before doing something at this point.

8 thoughts on “Allods: A Question

  1. Mind-boggling, really. They’ve managed to parlay high-hopes and positive beta reviews into a complete disaster of a launch.

  2. I’m scratching my head on this one as well.

    They very quickly went from the “It’s a fun game” category to “they are trying to take all my money” category.

    I just can’t enjoy myself in a game when I know that deep down, the people running the game are trying to take advatage of me (even if it’s true).

    At least try to fool me into making me believe you care about me, the gamer.

  3. One thing to keep in mind is that the people that created the game (Astrum Nival) are not the same people setting the prices (gPotato). The real villain here is gPotato, who seem determined to be greedy SOBs and reap whatever they can off the hard work of others. The Russian version of the game is being managed by a different company, which is why they have different prices.

    Unfortunately, Astrum Nival is making design decisions based on the cash shop prices of the Russian version, where the requirement for high level characters to buy Perfume from the shop isn’t really that big a deal — Russian players would still pay far less than a subscription MMO, and clearly if you’re level 40 and doing heroic content you’re heavily invested in the game and SHOULD be throwing the developers some cash.

    Sadly at this point I’ve joined the crowd of “just make Allods a sub game and be done with this cash shop BS”. I had every intention of supporting Allods with roughly a subscription’s worth of purchases each month. That doesn’t get me much right now though, and while some things don’t seem too badly priced, I can’t bring myself to spend money when other items are obscenely overpriced.

    Allods was supposed to be my “next big thing” (or at least a member of the “next big thing of the month” club), but now? Sigh.

  4. That’s the main reason why I left Champions, Lukane…and refused to have anything to do with any of Cryptic’s products currently. That is, I felt they’re taking a bad advantage of their customers.

    PeterD…I find that a little confusing. I thought gPotato had all their other games’ cash shops set at fairly competative prices. I’m thinking of Flyff for example. So why did they go do off the rails with Allods? Or is gPotato doing that with all their products?

    Also, what I find most disturbing…is not they’re setting the cash shop prices at unreasonable limits in Allods, which is bad in itself. Is that they are changing the game mechanics so you have little choice but to use their cash shop to stay even marginally competative ingame.

  5. I’m not sure why everyone is suprised.

    Look at the name of the game: Allods…

    That’s just an anagram for — Dollars (without the r, of course becase Allords or Arllords would just be bad).

  6. I’ve enjoyed the lower levels, especially on the Empire side, but I’ve noticed that even at level 7 it starts getting a bit grindy and slow.

    And the EQ2 expansion just came out so I’m spending all my time over there anyway. . . .

  7. Magson: Up until you gain access to the Holy Lands, most people will probably enjoy the game and say “What’s all the fuss about?” Once they start dying more frequently at higher levels (25 – 30+) in PvP (and even PvE) and start noticing the higher wait times on Fear of Death, that’s when the light bulb goes on and they join along with others in voicing their outrage.

    With regards to the company’s bad PR, ya they should have at the very least open the new thread but with a summary of what they believed people were wanting so far. This would have shown they were clearly listening. By just opening a new thread, they did the opposite (i.e. we didn’t hear anything you said, repost your thoughts here).

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