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What Am I Looking Forward To The Most For The Next LOTRO Patch?


The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected

  • Epic story content is now accessible to all players.
  • We have kept the Epic story group-based content intact for those who want the group experiences.
  • Not all landscape areas are 100% safe for solo travelers!
  • The landscape version of Inspired Greatness is time-restricted.
  • The balance of the buffs is still in flux.
  • Rewards for the quests have not yet been updated.
  • The Epic story follows a more consistent level spread.
  • Through Inspired Greatness, we have found a solution that addresses the concerns of solo and group players.
  • Reflecting Pool replays of Epic instances are affected by Inspired Greatness, making Marks of Triumph more accessible to solo players.

Essentially, they’re going back through the earlier epic book questlines and making them soloable, as they’ve done for the later ones.  Seeing as how I just picked up Vol 1 Book 4 and the second quest is a fellowship (group) quest that I can’t seem to find anyone to do it with, I heartily endorse this event and/or product.

8 thoughts on “What Am I Looking Forward To The Most For The Next LOTRO Patch?

  1. About time, I mean sure it’s an MMO but just because everyone and their brother can log on doesn’t mean they’re online at the same time. Ok that and they might just be hanging out e-moting at the prancing pony as opposed to doing the quest chains. Everyone has priorities.

  2. Crap, and just a few weeks ago I finally uninstalled the game because every time I try to play I can’t find anyone to do the low level book quests with and get stuck (and then quit).

    Since the book quests are the best part of the game, this could very well bring me back to dust off one of my many low level characters.

  3. My complaint is that I duo with my GF. We’ve done the epic quests on our mains (usually eventually finding some PUGs to do them with), but this doesn’t help us much. In fact, it’ll probably hurt us since some of the people we might have gotten to go along on the quest will probably now say, “screw it, I’m going solo!”

    It’d be nice to have more scaling options besides just solo and full group.

  4. Patch comes out this Monday…

    Looking through the patch notes this caught my eye and all I can say is its about time….

    Stable Masters have been added to the following Areas.
    The North Downs
    The Misty Mountains
    Glóin’s Camp

  5. A quick follow-up to my previous complaint: the wording on the epic quest is terrible. You can actually duo the epic quests just fine, even though the text makes it out that you can only solo the content. Looks like the “inspired greatness” buff scales to the number of people in your group.

    Kudos to Turbine for making it so I can play with my GF! Boo-hiss to Turbine for not making it clear that I can! 😛

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