Allods Downgraded From Robber Baron To Robin Hood

Allods Online just posted a number of updated prices for their item shop following the huge controversy surrounding it these past weeks:

List of changes in the item shop:
Vial of Perfume reduced from 75gP to 25gP
Large Perfume Kit reduced from 1350gP to 300gP
Holy Rune reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP
Rough Dragon Hide Backpack reduced from 2000gP to 600gP
Small Deposit Box reduced from 1500gP to 1000gP
Small Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 250gP to 100gP
Medium Bag of Crystal Chips reduced from 1200gP to 350gP
Potions reduced from 250gP to 200gP

A “gP” is a gPotato, the equivalent of US $0.01, so you can figure out the conversion rather easily.  The perfume is now just a quarter, the ballyhooed backpack down from $20 to $6 ($1 per extra slot), and so on.

The question is, is this enough?  Will players be satisfied by the action taken here, will the prices be seen as more reasonable, or do they need to go further?

As for me, I’m a bit restless this afternoon, so I might give Allods a spin — something I haven’t done since beta.  But I’m a cheap, cheap guy sometimes, so I don’t think they’re going to be seeing a single cent from me, Fear of Death debuff or no.

12 thoughts on “Allods Downgraded From Robber Baron To Robin Hood

  1. How long does this perfume last and, more importantly, does it help me with the ladies? I prefer human ladies. If this attracts zombie ladies or gorilla ladies I’m right out!

  2. Still seems awfully high to me, though defeinitely better than it was. Still… I’m playing EQ2, EVE, and DDO, so Allod’s is more of an “EQ2’s servers are down, don’t need to do anything in EVE, and I’m burnt out on DDO” backup for me. My highest character is a whopping level 7, and wn’t advance very quickly at all, I don’t think.

  3. That still seems rather high. I’d pay $5-6 for access to a cool, new zone or a dungeon, but probably not a backpack, but I guess if the game’s real good, some people will. Allods was just never really on my radar until all this mess, though, so whereas I probably wouldn’t have played it before, now I definitely won’t. I actually tried Wizards 101 last night for kicks and giggles and thought it was kind of neat. I would totally play a more adult version of a game like that, which seems something in between the card game Magic, Final Fantasy 7 and Harry Potter.

  4. A step in the right direction, but prices AND mechanics are the issue so we’ll need to see how the game’s mechanics adjust, if at all, with the prices. I take this as a good sign, however, since the Allods team appears to at least be listening. There’s still work to be done but almost all these games are works-in-progress, aren’t they?

  5. “Robin Hood” … hardly. They are still trying to exploit the western market by charging prices that are three times what the Russian store charges. Apparently they still can’t figure out that people are in tough economic times. I continue to hope that they fail to garner a following because I would hate to see people be sheeps and accept this.

  6. Haven’t played the game so can’t comment personally but I did read over on K&G that he worked out something like 2hours PvP playtime per day would cost you more than a normal monthly subscription. Why does it seem like F2P is just another way to make us hand over more cash?

  7. The thing that still bothers me is the items that are required in some cases. Still not something that should be in a cash shop. The perfume for example.

    I like cash shops to contain fluff.

  8. Not loading the game again until I see bags repriced and the cost to respec. I’ll skip their little double-dipping mounts either way. Buy it from the CS and feed it using CS food? Where did these people come from? *Loads up TS3*

  9. @We Fly Spitfires. The cost comes in form of the Perfume you buy to offset the death penalty. The perfume is available in the item store, which is where most people calculate the “cost” of playing. They never seem to take into account that there is a daily quest you can do to get a stack of perfume as well. For free. Which can also be traded and sold in the auction house.

    Same goes with the backpack. You cant get it in the auction house but at level 7 you get the quest to get the backpack in game. Its a pain, but its there.

  10. I love Allods so far. I’m cheap also and plan on spending nothing and just playing as long as I can without spending a dime. I’m even going to cancel WoW now to save my $15 bucks. My two daughters also play. That’s a $45 dollar a month saving over WoW subscription right there (not including the $75+ investment to buy the game initially).
    It’s perfect for the casual player who isn’t in a race with anyone else. And the best part about Allods is that the graphics just blow WoW away in my opinion.
    As for the death de-buff I would see that as a perfect opportunity for one to take a break, do a few quick chores and remember there is more to life then drooling in front of a computer screen moment.

  11. And like the Robin Hood of the caption photo, they showed their a**.

    You may now begin debating who’s is more attractive, Kevin Costner’s or gPotato’s.

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