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Two Things That Made Me Laugh Today

Thing the First: Global Agenda rolled out a new and highly awesome “Shame on You, Elf!” trailer that should be required viewing for all of us in the No Elves Club.

Thing the Second: Alganon, the case study in how not to make and launch a MMO, continues to slide downhill by abruptly switching to a F2P model (because nobody in their right mind would actually pay to sub to this game), and then canned David Allen and replaced him — and this is NOT April Fool’s Day, people — with Derek Smart.


THAT Derek Smart.

He's the bomb, yo

The loudmouth guy who’s been making and remaking the same crappy, buggy game for well over a decade and a half and then gets up in anyone’s face who dares to tell the emperor that he’s nekkid.

This bodes all sorts of awesome for Alganon, I’m sure.  Don’t people read resumes any more?

3 thoughts on “Two Things That Made Me Laugh Today

  1. I don’t think I’m old enough to know of this guy but he seems a treat. That article you linked to is excellent!

    Oh, hai DS. Meet PS.

    This is going to be a fun weekend…

  2. Serious post: Hey hey – they guy’s been around for ages. Give him a chance.

    Fake post: I heard they were picking up John Romero, too.

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