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A Champions Clubhouse

In my previous post, I didn’t really consider the problem of lifetime subscribers to Champions/STO when it comes to a theoretical F2P switch, and I don’t have a good answer for that.  Perhaps they get all microtransaction content that will forevermore be released, I dunno.

But speaking of Champions lifers, Cryptic released news of a few more perks for lifetime subs:

Exclusive In-Game Chat Channel:
Talk shop with other Lifetime Subscribers. Share thoughts and ideas about the game, or anything else.

Front-of-Queue Support
Waiting isn’t fun, and we don’t think you should have to do it. Any time the server is queued, you’ll go to the front of it.

In-Game Title

Visibly show off your support.

In-Game VIP Lounge
Spend time in an exclusive area inside the game. This social area is limited to Lifetime Subscribers only.

A Unique Costume Piece
Show off that fancy new title in style.

As always, I can see two sides to this.  I’m mostly for this, seeing as how lifetime subscribers really did plunk down a lot of cash, and it’s cool that they’re adding rewards to the package after the fact.  And looking through this list, if I was just a normal subscriber, I wouldn’t feel that jealous by not having another in-game title, etc.

However, this did make me wonder just how much an exclusive chat channel and VIP lounge are going to help the game overall.  What do lifers really need to talk about in a private chat room that they wouldn’t already, unless it’s about how cool they feel about having said chat room?  It does seem to reinforce a Haves and Have Nots schism.  Exclusivity doesn’t bond the community closer together, it just makes two separate groups.

I just kind of like that the description of the exclusive chat channel doesn’t really have any ideas: “Share thoughts and ideas about the game, or… or… um.  Just crow about how you’re better than the peasants!  Whee!”

7 thoughts on “A Champions Clubhouse

  1. “Any time the server is queued, you’ll go to the front of it.”

    Which is never, so toss that one out the window

  2. If they changed both of their titles to F2P models they would have to do a LOT to appease the folks that paid for lifetime subs.

    Granted, getting the shaft as a lifer would be preferable to the game shutting down. But with that said People bought lifetime subs for a reason. That being never to have to pay a monthly sub. Suddenly making it so that everyone had free subs would be an extreme slap in the face.

    IMO, the best way to make the lifers happy would be to give them equivalent Cryptic Credit compared to their lifetime sub cost. Then they players “get their money back”, Cryptic only loses potential revenue and not actual cash, and if the games get a surge of life and grow those lifers will eventually burn their free funny money and start spending real stuff.

    Being a lifer to both games, that’s about the only way I could see them going cheated.

  3. I don’t think a credit in the C-Store would make me feel any better about my useless(if F2P) lifetime sub in STO. I would demand a refund of the difference between the cost of the lifetime and the cost of monthly sub since launch.

  4. Yeah… Not one thing there that really is of any value to me…

    Exclusive In-Game Chat Channel: What do I care for an exclusive chat channel?

    Front-of-Queue Support: I dont think I have ever had to wait to get in. Is this a portent that they are going to condense things?

    In-Game Title: lol so what? Ooooh I had money to pay for a lifetime account…. What an achievment!

    In-Game VIP Lounge: Are there enough people to even make this fun? I dont RP so it wont matter to me, but it seems odd they would want to split up the community that would use it.

    A Unique Costume Piece: I suppose that would be usefull if it fits into someones theme…

  5. I think its a cool idea to give post-launch, previously unannounced perks to lifers. However, at the end of the day I don’t see how that would really satisfy a lifer who has fronted a hefty chunk of change for an ill-executed MMO.

    Exclusive In-Game Chat Channel – meh
    Front-of-Queue Support – this is fantastic
    In-Game Title – meh
    In-Game VIP Lounge – meh
    A Unique Costume Piece – meh

    Aside from queue support, I sincerely doubt a lifer would be particularly excited about these added advantages, but then again I turned my back on CO a good 3 months back, I am not a lifer myself and this could be the next best thing since sliced bread.

    Which reminds me, what was so fucking great about sliced bread anyway?

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