Quote of the Day

“I count myself pretty lucky in how tolerant my wife is about my gaming habits although there is a limit to her patience as I’m discovering. It usually starts with The Look followed by The Noise and eventually concluded by The Howling Bloodthirsty Scream.”

~ We Fly Spitfires

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7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Oh the wife….

    It is usually the look, the excessive drinking and biatching, and I am going clubbing…………..

    and 5 hours of uninterrupted gaming.

  2. My wife is very patient with my MMO gaming. You see the gaming PC is in the family room. So while my wife is watching TV she is perfectly content with the fact that I am 3 feet to her right playing a MMO. Of course I have a view to the 54″ HD TV and I can take in what she is watching during a slow time in the action.

    However, when it is time to stop playing and your significant other gives you the “snake eye stare” its time to power down and stop the gaming.

  3. @wasdstomp

    Hopefully, “I’m going clubbing” doesn’t mean “I’m going to go have sex with somone else.” :)

  4. My wife bugs me every 5 minutes when I get on the PC, so I generally try to wait until late at night when she goes to bed and the kid is asleep to play. However, she then complains that I never go to sleep at the same time as her. So, now instead of doing our normal night time routine by watching a movie/streaming net TV, she wants me to play my games and then go to sleep at the same time as her. Yet, when I try to play she sits on the couch, on the end nearest the PC, and continually tells me to do something or complains about me playing games.

    I love my wife, but the aggro is crazy sometimes. I thought clearing the trash pulls first would help, but it doesn’t :P

  5. Being the eternal student/bachelor/behomian my set up is all in my room. The command centre.

    When my girlfriend is over, which is near enough every evening, I’ll usually be gaming. I do the whole ‘just gonna finish this up’ and if I’m taking longer than 20 – 30 seconds she goes straight for ‘The Howling Bloodthirsty Scream’ – followed by a smile and the departure of my room to get some water.

    Shock and Awe, I believe.

    I have the exact same technique for when she watches ‘America’s Next Top Model’.

  6. Naaaa nana nanaaaana. Naaaa nana nanaaaana.

    My girlfriend and her girlfriends have a dance -.-

    OK! OK! I may have participated. I just want to be accepted. Is that so wrong!?

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