Go Go DDO Airship!

This was sent in by Massively’s Sera at PAX East:

I *really* need to get back into DDO, even if it’s only for a night or two a week.  I’m thinking about rolling a monk this time around.

9 thoughts on “Go Go DDO Airship!

  1. I always thought giant airships were underused as housing. Next they need equally impressive trains.

    btw Syp I can never figure out your email address and I’ve tried multiple times. If you’re still blogrolling new people please do me too 😉

  2. Ya you do. I’ve been slowly getting back into it myself. Almost have my Drow unlocked on Ghallad (sp?). Trying to think if I’ll re-roll once I do that of it I’ll keep my Bard going.

    I wish favor unlocks were across all servers instead of on only a specific server. I did not want to have to pay to for the Drow/32-point builds.

  3. Hmm, since Allods with their Astral Ship thingy doesn’t seem to be doing the F2P thing right….i suppose it’s agood opportunity for Turbine to throw in “Air Ships” ?

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