8 thoughts on “Comic: Escorts

  1. I’ll raise you one absent-minded Prospector Remtravel, who starts and finishes his Escort quest in the same location when he finally remembers he no longer has the fossil you were helping him look for.

    /2 WTB Gingko Biloba

  2. Not to mention he has the Stamina of a wet paper bag, Capn John. You’ll spend more times repeating this quest because he died, and not you. 😦

    …by the way anyone, what’s C.H.U.D.S?

  3. Escort missions, my least favorite kind of mission/quest/errand/task in an MMO. In WoW I just started skipping quests as soon as there was an escort involved. In LotRO they are only slightly less painful.

  4. I love/ hate the Hideout mission in Lotro. Saving that old Hobbit woman who must get her “stick” before she leaves the instance She walks soooo slow throughout the mission and forces you to kill everyone, and then at the end, she bolts faster than I have ever been able to move my characters. WTH?

  5. Urg. Way to remind me of the “Free From the Hold” quest in the Barrens. Having to escort a walking goblin from inside Northwatch Keep, then though a beach loaded with aggressive pirates, all for an accursed 25 silver and a green.

  6. This pretty much describes the WoW escort quest in Ungoro crater with that pesky goblin, complete with active volcano and rest stops, except in this case he would just faint dead onto the ground.

    Those goblins are so high maintenance.

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