21 thoughts on “Picture of the Day

  1. What? Seriously?

    As if Allods wasn’t dead to most people already, they’re really determined to make sure their remaining customer base feels truly insulted and leaves, right? Do they really think crap like this is going to bring in paying customers?

    The ham-fisted marketing and management of what should have been a really good MMO continues to flabbergast me. I’m pretty sure a monkey making decisions based on where a thrown banana landed would have done a better job.


  2. Lol, at least they used their own character art for the ads instead of underwear ad looking pictures…right? Very poor taste if they actually were looking to be taken seriously.

  3. “I’d rather not play something that advertises butt cheeks.”

    Yeah, and sparkling butt cheeks at that.

  4. I played it a couple of days as it came out, but haven’t since. I left it installed figuring it might be a nice occasional distraction.

    I’m uninstalling it now. I’m not offended, just think this is too stupid for words and don’t want to support the makers of the game in their idiocy.

  5. I’m confused the quality of butt cheeks on game is not that great. This is false advertising. They need to bump up the butts in game before they advertise.

  6. I’m guessing Astrum Nival took the lowest bid for whatever ad/pr group they get to advertise for them. Quickly, someone make a parody with gibberlings.

  7. As if Allods wasn’t dead already…. Damn such potential that game had. And now, this? Really?

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