Sypina (note: not real name) was born last night in a relatively quick delivery — she and mom are doing fine!

82 thoughts on “Happiness.

  1. You are blessed Syp! Glad Mrs. Syp and Sypina are doing fine!

    Perhaps I should be praying for Dad now, since sleepless nights are now upon you! o.O

  2. Congratulations man, and good luck with the two monsters : p

    How well did ddo go last night with the baby delivery and all?

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  4. Congratualtion! My beautyful baby girl was born yesterday four months earlier. It´s a blessing to have such a wonderful baby in your life (even if you do miss sleep some times :) )

  5. You really need to get a handle on your alt-itus. Sure, they have their benefits but it can get a little tricky juggling your time effectively.

    I’d say you spec this one for gathering mats and the other for crafting. You could set up a sneaker store in your closest hub and make some sweets gold.
    I’d also have your main splash out on some extra bag slots for the alts to store all the crap they’ll come accross on their adventures.

    How often are the attribute upgrades? I can’t even remember what classes you can pick in Life, it’s been a while since I played ’cause the monthly subs are a JOKE! They told me it was F2P. Liers.

    Anyways, have fun with the character. Remember to always have the feed, communicate/engage with, show affection and wait exhaustively on bended knee buffs active: they’re pretty much standard practice to get through the early zones.


  6. Awesome! You guys are totally blessed.

    If you haven’t already, you’ll need to memorize your Disney princesses for future reference.

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  8. Life will begin to move closer to the speed of light for mom and dad. Enjoy every moment and experience day in and day out.

    Congrats to mom, dad, and the entire family.

  9. Congrats… It is hilarious that those same blankets show up in every newborn picture! Hoping you find some time to sleep (and game) in the coming months!

  10. She’s really cute!

    The funny thing was that when I looked at the first picture, I called my boyfriend (who’d first introduced me to your blog… back before WAR was released): Look! Sypina is born! – And only then I read that you made the same joke, too. ;)

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