Games I’d Be Playing If I Had Unlimited Time

Which, of course, I don’t, especially with a newborn in the house… but it doesn’t hurt to engage in a bit of wishful thinking!

  • Fallen Earth – Man, I miss me some Fallen Earth.  It’s one of those games that I’d love to reconnect with some day, especially if I found a very active clan.  I wouldn’t even feel that tempted to reroll a new character, as I usually do when coming back to a MMO, because I would want to see the S2 and S3 content and have no desire to return to S1.
  • EverQuest 2 – Even if it was a few hours a month (especially if they loosen up that passport thing), I’d love to explore the housing and crafting in this title.
  • Age of Conan – I know there’s a heapload of angst at FunCom and this title, but AoC has built up a pretty passionate fanbase of players, and it’s starting to get a lot more positive mentions now that we’re quite a distance from launch.
  • Star Trek Online – If Cryptic would implement an option so that I could play this one evening a week and pay for just that, I’d so be back.  There’s a lot of fun in this title, just not in great enough quantities for a full sub.
  • Guild Wars – I keep promising myself that one day, one day I’ll finish a campaign and really get into this game.  I don’t think that’ll happen until GW2, unfortunately.

8 thoughts on “Games I’d Be Playing If I Had Unlimited Time

  1. I personally agree with FE and EQ2. I enjoyed FE, but just did not have the time. EQ2 I’ve played on/off since it was released. I can usually play for 2-3 months, then take a 6-12 month break.

    I’m actually going to try WAR out again. See how it has changed in the last year.

    After those, for me, it would be working through console titles. I recently finished Mass Effect 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2. Working on Borderlands now. The last 6-12 months, there have been quite a few good console titles that I just have yet to get to. Maybe over the next few years …

  2. When/why did you stop FE? I thought you were really hooked on it…

    Me, I’d like to get back into DDO or LoTRO if I ever had the time for another game.

    I created a free trial account in WAR (sans all my World Shaper goodies) to see how it is, and boy, did they ever ruin that game!

    Still like to try Darkfall one of these days, if there’s ever a trial for it…

  3. @ James – I stopped mostly because I knew I was going to be taking on LOTRO for Massively and wanted to devote myself to it for the foreseeable future. Plus, every now and then, you just need a break.

  4. I still want to give FE a try. I also want to try STO, and I recently went back to WAR for a trial. I keep being told that LOTRO is where it’s at, but I haven’t found it yet in any of my trial excursions. DDO intrigues me, but it’s so different, I’m not sure if I honestly want to learn a whole new game system.

  5. I wrote about this exact same thing yesterday. Check it out if you want to.

    Basically, I wish that I could pay a day rate and revisit a lot of MMOs that I used to play. There are a bunch of games that I would play a few days each month, but I don’t think they are worth a full $15 fee per month. Companies could be making money from me every month if they would offer more diversity in their pricing options.

  6. Well of those on your list, i’d say if you want to at least catch some sort of “wave” , then it’ll be Age of Conan. Primarily because the expansion is coming out May 11th which means a new influx of players and activity.

    The others on your list, while all good, there’s just not anything really interesting happening there though 😦 . (Assuming you played all of them at one point or another that is).

  7. Found your blog while searching for something else and had to browse a bit. Some comments:

    1) LOTRO?? Really? graphics are nice, but there’s no challenge. Level 12, another player interefered (wasn’t paying attention) and contributed to my character’s death. Their concern was that is was my first death. I leveled to 20 and cancelled my sub as there just wasn’t any reason to continue the farce.
    1 a) I did play WOW for a couple years, but almost half that time was offline as I kept getting bored by it so quickly. Earning Druid Raven Form and a Dragon mount were the big highlights. Things got very monotonus afterwards.

    2) STO… While not quite rating a “Trekkie” label, I am a fan and joined the open beta (purchasing the lifetime membership afterwards). Almost maxed out one Federation character and felt the surpreme disapointment of STO’s idea of an “end game.” Started a Klingon character and after completing most of the missions before level 10, hit severe disapointment again as STO essentially has zero Klingon content. Sad that Klingon players are forced to PVP from early levels on as their sole source of experience points. I will return, but my interested in something else was rejuvenated…

    3) Fallen Earth. Wow. Simply Wow. I originally got my trial sub the week after launch. Didn’t even know the game existed, but worked with a family member of one of the developers….and it’s a local company (NC). Completed almost every mission in S1 before heading to S2. (Then took a break for a couple months to try STO). After returning to the game I’ve since completed all the missions in two S2 towns and have 6 of 13 tradeskills to my current max of 106 (Tech Faction Trader). Where to start? This game is tough (lack of guides is actually nice), crafting is very detailed and component driven, there is no “insta travel (makes the maps even bigger), lots of weapon choices available and even armor choices at higher levels. The game reeks of potential and enjoyable “time sinks.”

    You mentioned RP potential in Fallen Earth. I agree. There’s essentially two main factions: Pro Technology and Anti Technology with a left and right leaning option for both extremes. All 6 resulting factions create a wide open platform for RP without any type of marriage to an “alignment.”

    I’ve been crafting offline, but have to return to search out viable scavenging nodes in S2. So much was stored up when I left S1, there hasn’t been a need until now. It’s bad enough I scavenged about 2000 items to level construction up, but now have to continue the effort to create enough mid level products for the AH.

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