Syp’s Theory of Red Flags

If a developer is gushing about some amazing new (or, at least, improved) feature in an upcoming game, and yet uses the one same example in each and every interview they do, then it’s a Bad Idea to assume that they have example two in the wings.

6 thoughts on “Syp’s Theory of Red Flags

  1. Hmm, so what’s Syp thinking of?
    Probably more than one example…

    CO’s nemesis system certainly comes to mind, though.
    Or CO’s Apocalypse Scenarios

  2. Ha, yeah that’s slightly scary 🙂 However, it might just mean that the people giving the examples don’t know enough about the game… unlikely but…well… yeah 😦

  3. That is a good thing to keep in mind during these times of over-hyped releases. Perhaps if more people used this mentality we could, in turn, see smother MMO launches.

  4. I think the example he’s referring to is the Guild Wars 2 MILLIONS OF SKILL COMBINATIONS!!!!! Like shooting an arrow through a wall of fire makes the arrow catch on fire!

    AND… can add fire damage to your arrows by shooting them through the fire wall!!!!!!

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