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Quote of the Day

Eliot: Now I want to actually play World of Lovecraft. You can play as either faction: the Academics, or the Cultists.

Syp: I’m rolling an Old God.  It only has one skill: THE END OF THE WORLD.

Eliot: But you have to wake up first.

Syp: Well yeah, but that just costs a subscription fee.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Jason is more of less right. Howard Phillips enterprises has been very unclear on the whole Old gold issue because they want people to spend cash. You can look on WoLWiki for the complete info on waking up (copy pasted here):
    -In order to wake up an old God needs to have a certain number of cultist worshiping him. That number is secretly determined at character creation. The only way you can know that number is for your cultists to find a certain number of artifacts hidden in raids.

    -For an Old God to be able to talk to his cultist you need to buy the “Whisper in Dreams” ability from the cash shop first.

    Seriously, Howard Phillips enterprises, is only after our money here. Destroying the world is not worth that much.

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