/AFK – Out For Vacation edition

I have to apologize in advance — yes, I’m going away on vacation for a few days, and yes, I know that’s usually a portent of the internet crumbling in some way.  So now you have a heads-up.  There will most likely be some huge announcement, major development or tragic misunderstanding between two love interests by Thursday.  Deal with it best you can, and when I return, we’ll make sense of it together.

3 thoughts on “/AFK – Out For Vacation edition

  1. Hmmm, major MMO events.
    I predict that either:
    A) Derek Smart conceives a new advertising campaign for Alganon that does not involves buxom nymphs, rather images of Derek Smart in armor wielding a sword and shield. No helmet of course for obvious asthetic reasons.
    B) Turbine announces that their new MMO will in fact be based on Looney Tunes. I get Road Runner!

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