I just wanted to apologize for my WAR/pink dye post the other day.  It was written off the cuff without looking into the “Pink for Tink” thing that much, and I was just focused on being amused by the discongruity of Mythic being so anti-pink dye for a long time and now putting it in the game that I didn’t really investigate it much.

In any case, any time a game community — both the players and devs — pull together in an awesome way like this to support someone going through a real life struggle should be commended, and not treated flippantly.  My wife’s mother died from breast cancer, and I know a few others who are going through that battle right now.  I’ll add my prayers to Tink and her family, and offer my apologies for not being more sensitive on the subject.

P.S. – Thanks to a few readers who challenged me on this.  It’s what makes me like blogging, that the community is thoughtful and unafraid to speak up.

2 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Renquin May 27, 2010 / 4:50 am

    Very decent of you to post this Syp 🙂
    It didn’t occur to me that it was about breast cancer untill I read more about it either.

    A few of my friends are struggling with it at the moment and this is one hell of a beast to battle.

    My prayers are with Tink and her family as well and I hope she’ll overcome it once again!

  2. Utakata May 27, 2010 / 1:17 pm

    Pink is also the color of my Gnome pigtails. And there is not enough pink in WoW….unless your server is Proudmoore (US). 🙂

    …that being said, I too fell into the same trap as Syp. I presumed it was Mythic falling back on another promise to make ends meat. Embarrisingly, it wasn’t. And I apologies.

    Paul Barnett needs roasting for many things…that wasn’t one of them. 😦

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