Quote of the Day #2

“It takes only one person taking RP events too seriously to ruin it for everyone. We have all seen this player. This person is typically in love with his character, and take everything that happens to his character seriously. This player is capable of single-handedly sucking all the fun out of roleplaying, and most likely you and your friends talk trash about him in private channels.”

~ Patrick @ Massively

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #2

  1. Bah. Although I can imagine it happening in extreme cases, I’ve never witnessed it. I’d be thrilled to even just see one person take their roleplay seriously 🙂

  2. I don’t think “seriously” is the right word here.

    I know exactly what the guy is talking about, but it is what we oldschool online RPers call “twinks” that ruin the experience. Yeah, originally the term wasn’t about gear at all.

    You know, the ones who have to be bastard-daughters-of-Arthas-dragon-catgirls and like to let everyone know how special they are.

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