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Town Hall: The Community Weighs In On F2P LOTRO

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I think I’m going to reserve my full thoughts on this news for my Massively column next week, but in the meantime, here’s a compilation of what many bloggers are saying, pro and con, about LOTRO’s F2P switch.

  • Kill Ten Rats: “Regardless, more people playing is really only a good thing”
  • Tobold: “I can very much recommend to try Lord of the Rings Online out when it goes Free2Play”
  • No Prisoners No Mercy: “OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG”
  • Mordiceius: “When the free to play model launches, I am really considering trying to start a weekly adventuring group with friends.”
  • Yeebo Fernbottom: “As a life-time subscriber, my primary concern was ‘what does this mean for me?’ I’m selfish that way.”
  • Ardwulf: “The key factor here, I think, and the one that led Turbine to this decision, is that DDO subscriptions have increased under its free-to-play model.”
  • Tish Tosh Tesh: “Still, it’s more tempting now than before, and they have a better chance of earning money from me like DDO did.”
  • Of Course I’ll Play It!: “And ultimately, that’s what this billing model brings to the table.  More choices to the player.”
  • Broken Toys: “Is transitioning to a F2P model sufficient to match the revenue that LOTRO’s not insignificant (300k or so?) number of subscribers were still generating?”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob: “A big change coming to LOTRO.  In the end, I think I have gotten a lot of value out of my lifetime subscription.”
  • Keen: “LotRO is now destroyed in an illogical act and remarkable ignorance.”
  • Blue Kae: “First reaction? I have to say I was disappointed.”
  • MMO Gamer Chick: “So, I guess I can’t really hate the idea. Mind you, I’m not loving it either.”
  • LevelCapped: “So there you have it. NO ONE has an excuse not to jump with both feet now into one of the most engaging MMOs on the market.”
  • Games and Geekery: “This feels pretty much like a Warner Bros. move and not a Turbine move”
  • Rainbow MMO: “Honestly, I’m a little torn about the announcement”
  • Sneaky Hobbits: “The Sky is not falling Chicken Little.. but times, they are a changing.”
  • LOTRO Reporter: “I must admit my first reaction was ‘lame’.”
  • A Casual Stroll to Mordor: “Yes, there is a chance for the community to degrade, but there is also a chance for it to expand with even better people.”
  • The Pix’led Life: “I’m fairly calm about the whole thing. Not optimistic, not yet. But calm.”
  • The Stone Kingdom: “We have quite a journey ahead of us in terms of what the change in business model will mean for us all.”
  • Doc Holiday: “My initial take on this is nothing but positive.”
  • Mordor or Bust: “I’m excited as hell about the announcement that LOTRO is going Free-to-Play this fall.”

15 thoughts on “Town Hall: The Community Weighs In On F2P LOTRO

  1. I really don’t understand people hating on this. When I was playing LotRO again about a year ago, the community was stagnating then. This is a great thing to breathe new life into the game.

    I always enjoyed LotRO as a side game but not as a main course. It’ll be a great side distraction. Turbine proved they could pull off free to play with DDO (which is much better post free to play move).

    This is an exciting change.

  2. I think it’s a great thing and a very positive step. Of course I’m bias because I want to play LOTRO but never quite had the chance plus I never forked out for a lifetime sub.

  3. I see alot of knee jerk reactions , there was NEVER before a AAA title that turned F2P like this, yet everyone suddenly seem to have scientific evidence that the “community is now destroyed” and “the game is going to suck” and “we’re going to be ripped off now” or whatever.

    I would be more concerned with WoW asking a subscription AND selling $25 ponies, yet players think this is acceptable over removing the sub and -just- selling $25 ponies? Wtf?

  4. First, thanks for the link. Beyond that, as all who read my imaginary (although Turbine’s replies where word for word and documented) the OMG reaction by many of the life time subscribers (I am one of them since the second it was first offered) is due largely to not investigating the matter thoroughly. Turbine has (at least in theory) handled the transition well – life time subscribers come out on top.

    The flip side is that this is obviously an industry trend and will other developers/publishers handle the matter as well.

    And lastly thanks for summary page.


  5. I wonder if I could get a RP coalition together that could help reassure the old-timers that there will be a percentage, albeit small, that is there to enjoy what they’ve enjoyed as far as community continuity.

  6. I gave DDO a whirl when it went F2P and I never experienced anything like WoW’s Barrens or Trade chat. For the most part most of the players were very relaxed, friendly, and helpful. I also played Runes of Magic, another F2P game, and again most people were very helpful. You would even get high level players coming into the low level areas and offering to lead Instance runs or help kill Quest Elites for free. None of this “WTS Stockade Runs. 50g each.”

    And while I’m sure some of the people who give LOTRO a try when it goes F2P will be your typical “LOL Nub!” idiots, almost all of them will go back to WoW. One or two might hang around for a bit longer, but they’ll get bored and leave (hopefully) when the mature LOTRO community (also hopefully) fails to respond to their immature Trade-type chat.

  7. As Silvertemplar said, I think the naysayers should be more concerned with the sub + sparkle pony trend then worrying about LotRO going F2P. In fact, I find it rather hilarious that the biggest hater of the LotRO F2P idea also thought the sparkle pony was pure brilliance and that blizz should do more of that 😛 Sigh.

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