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10 Probable Consequences of LOTRO Going F2P

  1. Three words: Sparkling Eagle Mounts.
  2. All of Middle-earth will turn into a communist state, where money will be abolished and long lines will form at vendors for simple rations.
  3. A glitch will turn Turbine Points into Cryptic Points every Friday the 13th.
  4. Consonants in chat will be free, but the vowels are going to cost you.
  5. To broaden LOTRO’s appeal among the 90’s mindset, a new faction will be announced: the Power Rangers.
  6. You’ll actually have to buy a lotto ticket to enter the lottery.
  7. You can pay to upgrade the game’s visuals to look more like the Peter Jackson films.
  8. The One Ring will cost Sauron 1,500 Turbine Points.
  9. You can purchase pets from the store, including your very own treacherous Gollum(tm) who will dog your every step and attempt to kill you every time you log out.
  10. Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.

19 thoughts on “10 Probable Consequences of LOTRO Going F2P

  1. 11. Legolass, Begolass, Smegolass, Lassgolass, Leggo-my-eggo-las.

    12. Turbine will add a new, turbine points bought class: Ninja. Hobbit players will be ecstatic. Gandalf will now dual wield.

  2. And if you really really hate North Downs – now you dont have to buy the pack and can skip it entirely!!!!

  3. 13. 1500 points for a live feed of the devs laughing their asses off at the mugs paying for items from teh store.

  4. 13. Half Orcs start reciting the “Rules of Aquisition.”

    …on an off note: Where’s your blog list go, Syp? 😦

  5. 14. 2000 points for a brand new raid…….which is actually a 12 man, 6 hour version of ‘Frodo’s Burden’…..

    P.S. While Leomyegolass and the like are annoyin ‘Legovalass’ did make me chuckle.

    P.P.S. Point #10 – Awesome ghostbusters refernce!

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