I’m Even Nerdy In My Sleep

Okay, I debated sharing this, but oh well.  Last night I had a MMO dream.  Not THAT abnormal, right?  Well yeah, except that I haven’t had time to play much this week, and the game in question I hadn’t touched since last year.

I had a Champions Online dream.  And like most of my dreams — and probably yours — it was weird.  I was inhabiting the body of the character, so it wasn’t my own body… I was walking and running, but then made the decision to click a button to activate super-jump to hunt down some bad guys.

I remember explaining in my dream to someone else that I just needed to play a game with mindless, quick action.  Then I punched through a building.

8 thoughts on “I’m Even Nerdy In My Sleep

  1. Last night I dreamed a guy named War Abasel war blowing up houses in my neighborhood. But I was standing next to a cute girl in the dream, so it all evened out.

  2. Your are in danger of crossing a line here Syp. Just make sure to pull back before you feel the need to share your dreams about that cute night elf 😉

    I can empathise with the need for quick mindless gaming action once in a while but it is a need I find surprisingly hard to satisfy. Games that are genuinely quick and easy to get into also get boring fairly quickly. I used to think that multi-player shooters were the ideal quick hit of gaming adrenaline but I have come to realise that I am so bad at this type of game that they usually just depress me.

  3. Can’t say I have had one yet. I did once dream about my mother blocking my WoW payments, and then I shoved a television remote up my bum.

    No wait, that was a YouTube video.

  4. You were dreaming about Champions Online? Isn’t that more of a nightmare? 😀

    I had a terrible nightmare the other night. I dreamt some friends I was sharing a cab with killed the taxi driver by setting him on fire. Yep. I know. Very disturbing…

  5. I find myself dreaming about computer games that don’t even exist. And I do get the feeling that I’ve already visited several areas in those games. Is that because I’ve played this game before in earlier dream, or does my dream include that feeling of familiarity?

    Of course, from time to time I also dream of some unknown pretty lassie.

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