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DDO: Exquisite Terror

Even if I only have time to do one dungeon, I still look forward to our Massively DDO nights.  It’s great to know that come Wednesday, this is what I’m doing, and I’ll instantly have a group to play with.

Last night I jumped online ten minutes late, and found that all groups had already formed and were full.  So, ironically enough, the two Massively folks (Rubi and myself) were left to form an army of two.  Fortunately, we both had hirelings to round out the party to five, and we ran the Redwillow quest.

It’s a pretty fun outdoorsy romp — I’d only done it once before, and Rubi never, so we took our sweet time.  Hirelings, for what they are, function pretty well as backup teammates as long as you don’t need them to do anything complicated.  Run, kill, heal, those sorts of things.

So it’s in the middle of all this that my house starts getting pounded by a really nasty storm, and I’m going /afk every few minutes to check the Tornado Warning updates and see if we’re about to get yanked away to Oz.  Doesn’t look like it, so we keep playing.

We get to the final part of the quest, where you go through a portal and instantly get ganked by a giant and 12 of his closest friends.  Seriously, party wipe in 0.3 seconds.  We rez with the nearby shrine, then head to a little cave-like area where the giants can’t attack — but we can with ranged weapons.  It’s called the “cheeseball” way to do the quest, but if it works, oh well.  We couldn’t go toe to toe with these beasts.

So then began a 10-minute exercise in me kiting a giant or two back to the cave, hopping up before I get slammed, and then pelting him with arrows.  This goes all the way to the end boss, which I steel my nerves for and then hit with an arrow.

It’s at this point that several things happened at once:

  1. The giant boss starts coming at me
  2. Lightning begins to strike outside our window every 2-4 seconds
  3. I turn to run
  4. The screen goes blank as the boss hits me with a blindness spell
  5. I start to scream like a little girl
  6. The DDO soundtrack helpfully ratchets up a heartbeat noise — thum-THUM thum-THUM
  7. I shout into chat that the dude was INC AND I MEAN NOWWWWW
  8. I start to run back to the cave using the tiny radar as my only guidance

Somehow, I didn’t die, and Rubi killed the boss without any problems.

I think that might be the most epic feeling I’ve had in a game this year.  DDO’s great for little moments like that.

7 thoughts on “DDO: Exquisite Terror

  1. That’s a great story. I just reinstalled DDO yesterday in anticipation of starting up again. I think I’m going to roll a new character on Cannith to join up with the Massively group. It sounds like a blast. It might take some effort to catch up to the rest of the guild in levels though.

    I’m still kind of burned out on MMOs, but DDO is so different that I’m actually excited to get back into it. It has a completely different feel compared to other MMOs on the market.

  2. That reminded me of our first encounter with Kara’s Prince where I volunteered to Misdirect the Prince onto our Tank so he could be in position at the start of the fight, instead of Aggroing the Prince then maneuvering his way into the preferred Prince-tank spot.

    So I MD the Tank then start moving closer to the Prince, trying to carefully move to just within Range, not wanting to Run in and Body Pull him but trying to get in before MD wears off, too. And I’m moving closer, and closer, and closer, and as I get within Shooting Range I also Aggro the Prince and Body Pull him. He charges and I’m frantically stabbing at my Arcane Shot key and he’s rushing in and OMG! Finally Arcane Shot goes off, MD kicks in, the Prince turns and rushes toward our Tank…and my Hunter takes a swing at him with his Axe O_O

    It was most assuredly a Brown Trouser moment.

  3. I remember a time long ago when we were playing Call of Cthulhu, the RPG in my parents’ kitchen. They have a very large window overlooking their back garden. So there we were, dice and rulebooks sprawled across the kitchen table, as I guided my rather unwilling players through an underground area filled with flickering lamp light and sinister rustlings.

    Suddenly something flew into the kitchen window WHAM! and 6 burly men squealed and flew upwards from our seats, levitated really as we all seemed to move straight upwards several feet into the air without having jumped. I guess it was a bat or something but the outside world can interact with the game world in spectacular ways!

  4. Your bullet points at the end sound wickedly epic!

    Makes me wish I had the time on Wednesday nights to join up with the Massively guild. I’ve got a few toons on Cannith I could use, but. . . . ah well.

  5. I’m just so sad that I always miss the Wednesday night stuff. I love DDO, but always forget about the Massively Wednesdays until around 9:30 when they’re over and done with. I had an absolute blast that one week I was able to go.

    I bet I’m too low to go about now, though, being only L4.

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