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The folks running Steam, in my opinion, are marketing geniuses.  “The Perils of Summer Sale” that’s been going on for the past week or so has swept the gaming community like a wildfire, robbing us of our money (or do we give it willingly?) while making us dance in excitement over what tomorrow may bring.  They not only drummed up some insanely great deals, but did so during the summer gaming lull (when folks like myself are a bit restless in their gaming habits) and created a funny, memorable campaign around it.  “Stay inside, lest summer kill you” is the tongue-in-cheek theme of the sale, and man if it doesn’t make you smile.

So while I haven’t bitten at every deal that’s come along, I’ve certainly partaken of this sale.  Here’s a list of what I’ve nabbed:

  • Birth of America – Okay, it was cheap and I thought it looked a little interesting, but it turned out to be a big dud.  Oh well.
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Four bucks, not too shabby, except that the mouse controls are so wonky that I can’t really play it without the world spinning me into motion sickness.  I need to fiddle with the settings, perhaps.
  • Borderlands – I was really hoping this would go on sale, and it did, dropping from $22 to $11.  So far it’s a lot of fun with a great personality, and I love the visuals.
  • Torchlight – I actually bought this last year but lost the download info and receipt… so, hey, it was $5 and I never gave this game as big of a shakedown as I should’ve.  I created an alchemist and am really enjoying short gaming sessions with it here and there.

Four games, not too bad.  I won’t see the final day, being out of town and all, but I’m pretty satisfied.  I just wish they had more MMOs go on sale (SWG and Champions fans were in heaven this past week, tho).

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  1. Oh man I have bought so many games this week. I couldn’t help but gift a bunch of games to friends too.

    This sale has made me realize how comfortable I am now with buying games as downloads online. I really don’t want or need any more boxes or discs. I miss hardcopy manuals and maps but those had become exceedingly rare anyway.

    Cheers to Valve.

  2. There were some good MMO sales other than Cryptics stuff. I saw EVE go for $2.50 , Aion for $19 and Global Agenda for $26 . Guildwars also, but it think that’s always on sale 🙂

  3. How come so many of us bought Birth of America? I haven’t installed it yet, it is really that bad? Iam prepared for lousy graphics and slow cerebral game-play.

    Agreed on the marketing genius though. The “One Day Only” offers are completely addictive.

  4. One more day to go, I think… I’m hoping for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on sale. 😛

  5. Borderlands is a great buy! I’ve heard it drags a little if you play if alone, but I’ve always played it co-op, and have always had a blast.

    Torchlight is also awesome, but I’ve never beaten it. You should consider installing some of the mods that are out there – I was inspired to investigate them when I saw there was actually a Steam achievement for running five and ten!

  6. Umm if you dont like wargames why get Birth of America? Also Birth of America 2 is a lot better but it certainly is no dud.

    You may have to “read the manual” to learn it. It is a wargame after all but it is quite a good one. I have several write ups and AAR’s on my blog

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